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2016 lexus rx 450h named green vehicle of texas: what caught the eye of the jury?

What do you get for combining stunning looks and advanced hybrid technology? For the all-new 206 Lexus RX 450h, buyers will get that neat green award with the size of the Lone Star State. At the Texas Auto Roundup in Fort Worth this week the Texas Auto Writes Association (TAWA) named the RX 450h the "2016 Green Vehicle of Texas". Held in May 1-3 at Texas Motor Speedway, the event witnessed more than 60 journalists that drove the vehicle and ga

ford invites everyone to a special exhibition event. check it out!

Ford and the National Inventors Hall of Fame Museum (NIHF) are to unveil an unique Mustang vehicle that blends classic and contemporary features of the 1965 model and the 2015 model in one-of-a-kind exposition. This split-personality Mustang is part of a new Intellectual Property Power Exhibit at the NIHF and along with other exhibits, the Mustang is here to celebrate the story of intellectual property and the illumination of science and innov

vw gears the mighty amarok pickup with v6 power units. here are more details

Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles raises the bar with the latest premium pick-up vehicle, the Amarok. The vehicle is especially designed in order to deliver outstanding performance, smooth ride and overall boosted pleasure of driving. Robust and reliable, the latest pick-up vehicle adopts the power of a new 3.0-liter V6 diesel power unit with tons of horsepower and 550Nm of torque and the agility of a manual or special 8-speed automatic gearbox for

svr to reveal noble m600: what to expect?

Super Veloce Racing (SVR), recently appointed by Noble Automotive as the official sales and servivces dealer for the British premium supercar manufacturer, has announced that it will reveal the latest 405km/h (225mph) supercar at the London Motor Show on Thursday, May 5, 2016. SVR's M600 customer demonstrator, demonstrating a stunning "Black-Red" body finish with carbon fiber roof is to be revealed on Thursday, following intensive and comprehensive tests and experiments. In fact, this is the latest vehicle to co

the most powerful golf gti clubsport broke a record! check details here

The Golf GTI Clubsport S is, as we all know, the most powerful model of the Golf GTI lineup and is especially created to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the iconic hot hatchback. And with German racing driver Benny Leuchter (28) behind the wheel, the vehicle just broke the record for front-wheel-drive speed test at Nürburgring Nordschleife with a time of 7 minutes and 49.21 seconds. This exclusively made vehicle is based on the Golf GTI Clu

in search for perfection afzal kahn creates the ultimate defender

If you wonder how the “Ultimate Defender” would look like, then you should definitely visit the London Motor Show, which starts tomorrow. If you aren’t in the vicinity of the event, then you can jump into our gallery and check out the latest project of the famous Afzal Kahn. In his striving for perfection, he has eventually created the so called “Utimate” Land Rover Defender. Here are the details. The unique Land Rover Defender desig

things to always keep in your car

Almost all drivers run into unavoidable, undesirable situations while they are on the road. Whether you are an experienced driver or are new to the driver’s seat, here is are some things to always keep in your vehicle! Something For The Winter Ice scraper with snow brush – Perhaps you’ve gotten stuck at work with no easy way to get the snow and ice off your vehicle. It’s recommended that you keep one of these in your car to easily brush snow off your roof and other areas of your vehicl

car cabin air filters

You likely know about air filters—maybe you have one in your home or office or at least know someone who does. Cars have cabin air filters that ensure that the air stays clean inside the car, because when you are driving you spend a good amount of time sitting there and you want good, quality air to breathe! But who knew there was a process behind how these air filters work and how you should replace them? As you might have guessed, air filters catch dust, pollen and other airborne material

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