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Mercedes-Benz News

if this mercedes-amg gt s could only happen…

Piecha Design reveals first couple of renderings of the customized AMG GT S Remember when we showed you the first sketch of Piecha Design’s Mercedes-Benz AMG GT S? Well, it is now time for the project to be fully revealed! Behold, for it is something entirely unexpected… Leaving jokes aside, this car actually looks pretty good, given the fact that Marcus Piecha and his team told us initially that we should not expect an entirely new design. Their aim was to highlight the beautiful character of the Merce

new mercedes-benz e-class estate is here in early 2017!

The estate version of the new E-Class proudly demonstrates innovative engineering and incredible intelligent gadgets. And provided that the vehicle is geared with the latest Mercedes drivetrain systems, we tend to believe that this is by far the most advanced estate that the premium brand has ever created. Featuring

lorinser releases power-upgrade for mercedes-amg gt and gt s

Mercedes-AMG GT and GT S, oh, who doesn’t love these? Especially when it comes to high-speed and style the models are among the most preferred, not only for a stock purchase but also by tuning companies, which love to play with these little masters. One of those customization specialists are those at Sportservice Lorinser, who know what they are doing when it comes to refining Mercedes-Benz models. With their newly produced components for the A

this is how the mercedes-amg gt s could look, if …

This great sketch of a unique Mercedes-AMG GT S has been designed by Marcus PIECHA himself. It is his vision of how the AMG GT S could look in the best possible way and it is currently in a “preparation” form. Although the tuning studio says that it is just a teaser, we are absolutely sure that this vehicle is abou

prior-design meets vossen wheels in a cool mercedes-amg gt s project and everything is shot in monaco

What happens when two very posh companies that offer additional style for you vehicle work together? It happens projects like this. The unique Mercedes-AMG GT S has been updated by Prior-Design in general, but instead of the standard wheels that come with the wide-body kit they offer, it has been fitted with Vossen ones. What is more, the car has been photographed in one of the most beautiful places on Earth: Monaco! Is it the place that makes th

mercedes-benz presents new off-road icon: g350 d professional

Mercedes-Benz has just introduced a new model in the G-Class family. The future-to-be off-road icon is called G350 d Professional. With its striking exterior and more functional and cozy interior, the vehicle not only offers safety when in the extremes, but also delivers luxurious ride comfort. In addition, like other G-Class models, this one also benefits from a technology update for the infotainment, navigation and communication systems. Other

vath presents its latest masterpiece: a refined and distinctive citan unit

VÄTH team, as you might have heard, lives under the motto "VATH Gives Your Car Wings" and, in fact, stays true to its nature. The Mercedes-Benz specialist now proudly demonstrates its latest creation: an upgraded and fine-tuned Mercedes-Benz Citan van. So, let's waste no more time and check some details! The urban hero has undergone some profound and meticulous changes that include not only drivetrain system enhancements, but also some cosmet

mercedes-benz slc has never looked better and there is just one reason for this

The Mercedes SLK is celebrating this year its 20th anniversary. But this isn’t the reason why the emblematic small roadster is looking so incredibly good. Here’s the secret: to commemorate the 20th anniversary of the model, the tuning studio Piecha Design have created a brand new styling kit with exclusive design components. The third generation (R172) is being called SLC from this year, but it doesn’t include any significant differences

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