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Mercedes-Benz News

mercedes g500 becomes a stylish icon handcrafted by carbon motors

Carbon Motors Mercedes-Benz G500 W463 got thorough interior, exterior and engine upgrades Carbon Motors is probably one of our favorite tuning companies and the reasons for this are many, but mostly because of the exceptional and worthy projects they make. This time under the spotlight is the iconic Mercedes G-Class, which has received substantial interior intervention, and some minor but noticeable exterior updates. To start with some

how to make your old e-class look like a nissan gt-r? piecha design answers!

Piecha Design releases GT-R aerodynamic set for the Mercedes-AMG E-Class W212 We are announcing Piecha Design for tuner of the month, because of its unstoppable projects that keep coming to us. More importantly they are all great and rather unusual, and we are more than happy to share them with you! After making a modern variant of the iconic SL Roadster (link below), the designers are ready to introduce something rather special and a litt

mercedes-amg e63 better than bugatti and laferrari?

POSAIDON takes Mercedes-AMG E63 RS850+ to the heights of 1,020 hp and 1,400 Nm! Believe it or not, this is the ultimate truth, which might not seem pleasant to many: this Mercedes beats the Veyron and the LaFerrari. However, there is one condition for this to be true and it is of course the tuning. This time under

how to make your 15 year old mercedes sl roadster look modern

Piecha Design offers state-of-the-art looks for the roadster Mercedes-Benz SL R230 Roadster was introduced 15 years ago. Back then no one could ever imagine that this model would become a timeless car classic. Well, if you take a look at it, it might seem a little bit outdated, however, in terms of performance it might take a lot cars down. So, what happens if you are an owner of SL R230 roadster, you love classics, but still wish to look co

mercedes-amg strikes again: 2018 gt r revealed!

So, what do we have here? A premium automobile brand, a premium tuner brand and a street-legal masterpiece: definitely the new AMG GT R is one hell-of-a vehicle. Distinctive and beautiful, the car has a lot to show. And without any further stalling, let's see what we are dealing with. Exterior design We all know that this is a Mercedes-Benz vehicle and we all know how stylish these cars are. Of course, this one is no exception: we have a low-slung front section, forward-inclined radiator grille that somehow makes

mercedes glc coupe: what's new? don't worry, there's nothing that impressive

GLC Coupe comes with revealed details and will try to add great value for its price. But will it succeed? Let's find out! This is the latest addition to the GLC lineup and for some reason it will try to be the best one. As the previous generation. And the previous one. And the previous one. And...you got the point. So, what are we dealing with? The GLC 220 comes with 170 horsepower via a 2.1-liter diesel power unit, while the GLC 250 offers

if this mercedes-amg gt s could only happen…

Piecha Design reveals first couple of renderings of the customized AMG GT S Remember when we showed you the first sketch of Piecha Design’s Mercedes-Benz AMG GT S? Well, it is now time for the project to be fully revealed! Behold, for it is something entirely unexpected… Leaving jokes aside, this car actually looks pretty good, given the fact that Marcus Piecha and his team told us initially that we should not expect an entirely new design. Their aim was to highlight the beautiful character of the Merce

new mercedes-benz e-class estate is here in early 2017!

The estate version of the new E-Class proudly demonstrates innovative engineering and incredible intelligent gadgets. And provided that the vehicle is geared with the latest Mercedes drivetrain systems, we tend to believe that this is by far the most advanced estate that the premium brand has ever created. Featuring

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