Finally Renault has announced the initial details for the freshly improved and remade Scénic and Grand Scénic models for 2012. Their UK launch will be next February. The brand new refreshed model will include sharper designs, numerous equipment enhancements and more importantly a debut of two impressive downsized engines.

Scenic 2012 obviously aims at contemporary lines with a sharper look. After the summer of 2009, when the two-models of the new Scénic line-up with fluid lines and generous interior were offered on the market, the sales of the both models went higher in numbers.

These models are Europe's best-selling compact MPVs, and now they have a series of exterior upgrades. First of all the front end is revised and now looks both modern as well as status enhancing. Secondly, its new rear lights add a particularly dynamic touch.

The changes go further with the fitment of LED daytime running lights, gloss black features and chrome details (at the front, plus tailgate strip and side moulding strip). In addition there is a new range of wheel trims and alloy wheels. Moreover the customers will have the opportunity to choose between two new body colours: Azzurro Blue and Damask Red.

2012 Renault Scenic UK

What is the highlight in the 2012 Renault Scenic is the new downsized engine for greater performance and fuel efficiency. Renault's work on lowering emissions, combined with ever-improving fuel economy and performance through smaller cubic capacity engine innovation has borne more fruit. In the beginning they produced the petrol 1.4 TCe 130 and 1.5 dCi 110, and most recently there was the arrival of the 1.6 dCi 130 - the world's most powerful and frugal diesel engine of its size. Now, Scenic welcomes two new engines! The first one - 1.5 dCi 110 Stop & Start, is an enhanced version of the Renaults marque's core diesel engine. It includes several advantages, taken from Formula 1's clever technologies, such as Stop & Start and brake energy regeneration. Additionally, it combines record low CO2 emissions of 105 grams per kilometre (reduced by 23g/km), and a 12 percent saving in fuel consumption (up 11.3 mpg to 68.9), yet higher torque (260Nm/192 lb-ft at 1,750rpm; a gain of 20Nm/14,8 lb-ft) compared with the existing 1.5 dCi 110.

Starting from the spring of 2012, the five- and seven-seater versions of Scénic will also be the first Renaults, who will receive the brand new 1.2 TCe 115 petrol engine. This one offers low CO2 emissions (135g/km), 190Nm (140 lb-ft) of torque (up 39Nm/29 lb-ft) and fuel consumption improved by a fifth, up 11.4 mpg to 49.6.

A greater performance and even lower emissions will be made possible thank to the 1.6 dCi 130 Stop & Start, which itself boasts 20% better fuel consumption.

And we must affirm, that these innovations will definitely be a great step for Renault's goal – to become Europe's number one manufacturer with regard to the CO2 emissions of its range, without detracting from performance.

Moreover Renault has worked hardly to deliver improved comfort and a more reassuring ride, thank to the brand new feature - the Visio System. It will be included in both Scénic and Grand and it will assist the driver's vigilance and night-time vision thanks to two key functions. The first one is a lane departure warning system: this is a camera that detects if the drivers strays out of lane and triggers an audible signal. The second feature is an automatic headlight function. In it the same camera will detect the lights of nearby vehicles and/or the presence of street lighting to automatically switch from dipped to main beam, (and vice versa).

2012 Renault Scenic UK

Furthermore the driving and traveling comfort are improved thank to the addition of new features. And what here's the great news: they all come as standard equipment. For example it will include a Hill Start Assist, which will have the function to prevent the vehicle's rolling backward. On the other hand the motorway-mode indicators (by flashing three times following a simple flick of the indicator stalk) will warn the driver about other motorists, and this will happen when the driver is about to change lanes.

The 2012 versions of Scénic and Grand Scénic include further beneficial technologies that have helped forge the model's success: from the tailor-engineered sound of the Bose® audio system to Carminat TomTom® navigation and associated LIVE services (HD Traffic, etc.).

Undeniably Renault Scénic and Grand Scénic are Europe's number one compact MPV. Manufactured in Douai, in northern France, they fulfill the most exacting production standards to guarantee the highest level of quality. And for the curious ones, the number of their sales only in Europe exceeds 400,000 (since the launch of the generation at the end of 2009). And the overall picture is that altogether since 1996 there have been sold over 3.9 million Scénics.

Further details on Scenic 2012 range pricing and specification will be released closer to launch. UK order books are set to open on 1st February 2012, ahead of first deliveries in March.

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