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Renault is continuing to expand its model range with the All-New Arkana SUV set to go on sale across the UK and Europe from 2021. The mid-sized compact SUV offers a standout exterior design with a strong coupé silhouette, increased refinement, along with the latest in advanced hybrid technology and connectivity.

Combining SUV proportions with the sloping roofline of a coupé, the Arkana delivers space and practicality for the whole family in a package only slightly longer than the New Megane Hatchback. The new model will be built on the Alliance's CMF-B modular platform which underpins the All-New Clio and All-New Captur, bolstering Renault's existing SUV line-up, which currently consists of the All-New Captur and Kadjar.

The cabin of the New Arkana features the latest interior finishes and design touches to ensure a premium feel and finish as well as exceptional comfort for all occupants. This is combined with one of the largest digital displays in its segment thanks to two screens, as well as advanced connectivity systems that deliver seamless convenience and minimal distraction for the driver.

The All-New Arkana will be available with a selection of electrified powertrains featuring hybrid technology which ensures refined and efficient performance. The new SUV model will feature Renault's latest full hybrid E-TECH technology while mild-hybrid technology will be offered with the 1.3-liter four-cylinder turbocharged direct injection TCe petrol engine.

The All-New Arkana will be available to order in the UK from July 2021, with the first customer deliveries expected in September 2021.

Exterior design The All-New Arkana features a sophisticated and sleek design that combines its elevated SUV body and ground clearance, with a coupé-like shape featuring muscular beltline and wide shoulders for a premium and assertive appearance. The front and rear skid plates and the wheel arch protectors enhance the SUV look, while the plunging roofline combined with rising window line delivers an agile and slender curved design that extends to the rear windows, enhancing the dynamic look.

The front grille, featuring a larger Renault logo in the center, is flanked by chrome brightwork and trim elements which provide added elegance and sophistication. Below, the expressive front bumper enhances the dynamic design while the skid plate gives the car a robust look.

All-LED headlights feature the C-shaped lighting signature found across the rest of the Renault range and further underline the dynamic design of the All-New Arkana. The rear of the vehicle also features the C-shaped lighting signature with a strip extending over the whole width of the tailgate, emphasizing the All-New Arkana's taut and distinctive look.

The profile of the All-New Arkana is one of its most striking features. The unique coupé-style SUV outline of the car is instantly recognizable, combining a sleek and sturdy shape. Measuring 4,568mm in length, 1,571mm in height, and with a 2,720mm wheelbase, the car's overall size gives it a flowing profile. Chrome elements, such as the trim accentuating the windows, the side door protection, and the front fender trim, further enhance the premium design.

Following on from the All-New Clio and New Mégane, the All-New Arkana will be available in R.S. Line trim, combining premium finishes with a more dynamic design. It draws its inspiration from Renault Sport's DNA and the New Mégane R.S. model. The car's bold design is further enhanced by the Orange Valencia color and black-painted and dark metal exterior elements, including the Formula 1-inspired aerodynamic blade. The bumper features red inserts and Shadow-Tinted wheels that are unique to this model. An R.S. Line badge has been added to the wing trims while the rear sports a chromed dual exhaust outlet and a darker skid plate.

An optional Colour pack further enhances the look of the New Arkana R.S. Line: it's front and rear bumper and the lower protective door strip will be painted in the color of the bodywork, with a black roof and gloss black spoiler.

Customers will be able to choose from seven body colors: Opaque White, Pearl White, Metal Black, Metallic Grey, Zanzibar Blue, Fire Red, and Valencia Orange (exclusive to the R.S. Line version). An optional black roof and three choices of 17- and 18-inch wheels will also be available.

Interior Despite the coupé-like body shape, the Arkana provides the levels of practicality expected of an SUV. The boot space has a load capacity of 513 liters and features a raised floor and seats which can be folded completely flat. Meanwhile, the front of the cabin offers a large amount of storage space, including a storage net on the passenger side with door pockets each large enough to hold 1.5-liter bottles.

The stylish architecture of the dashboard features modern ergonomic elements with the upper part covered with a soft feel foam lining, and each trim level boasting its own exclusive lining strip. All models feature chrome details across the door handles and air vents, while a leather-finished gear lever adds an extra touch of quality. Moving up the model range brings a leather steering wheel, with chrome inserts added to the dashboard and cup holder, and the upper part of the doors covered with a foam lining.

R.S. Line models benefit from a specific interior, with a carbon-finish dashboard and door lining, a red trim running along the top of the dashboard and a black roof. Stylish and sporty red topstitching embellishes the leather steering wheel as well as the mixed leather/suede-like upholstery and door panels, while a red strip features on the seat belts. Completing the package is an aluminum pedal unit, an e-shifter gear selector (with the E-TECH Hybrid engine), and R.S. Line badges.

Powertrains The All-New Arkana will be available with a choice of two engines. Following on from the All-New Clio E-TECH Hybrid, the All-New Arkana will be the second Renault model available with the 140hp E-TECH hybrid powertrain. Alternatively, a 1.3-liter TCe four-cylinder turbocharged direct-injection petrol engine will also be available, featuring mild-hybrid technology and 140hp.

The full hybrid powertrain will combine a 1.6-liter petrol engine with a lithium-ion battery and two electric motors for a total power output of 140hp. As with other E-TECH models, it will also feature a smart multi-mode clutchless gearbox. The system utilizes advanced F1-inspired E-TECH technology and has been the subject of more than 150 patents. The ground-breaking combination of the electric engines and dog box transmission optimizes and smooths gear-shifting, whilst the architecture –the fruit of the Renault DP World F1 team's labor – provides greater energy efficiency.

Incorporating the energy management modes, also developed by the Renault F1 experts, the E-TECH hybrid technology enables the vehicle to start in the all-electric drive, offering greater pleasure in all driving conditions with crisp, immediate acceleration. The engine also has excellent energy efficiency, thanks to its innovative multi-mode gearbox, its powerful energy recovery braking system, and its high-level automatic battery-charging system.

The E-TECH hybrid powertrain can provide up to 80 percent of city driving time with all-electric power, reducing CO2 emissions and fuel consumption by up to 40 percent over a combustion engine in urban driving. Drivers can use the MultiSense settings to select a specific driving mode: My Sense for daily driving, Eco for even lower fuel consumption, and Sport to combine the power of the engines.

Also available is the efficient 1.3-liter four-cylinder, turbocharged TCe petrol engine. Paired with an EDC dual-clutch automatic transmission, it will produce 140hp and 260Nm of torque from 1,600rpm; offering a perfect combination of low running costs and engaging driving experience.

The engine will be available with mild-hybrid technology which is delivered through an added alternator-starter system paired with a 12V lithium-ion battery under the passenger seat. This technology improves Stop & Start and enables energy regeneration during deceleration. It also assists the engine during the highest fuel-consumption phases, when the engine starts or accelerates. It reduces fuel consumption and CO2 emissions and ensures smoother engine restart and greater driving comfort.

Technology Following on from the All-New Captur, All-New Clio, and New ZOE, the All-New Arkana features the latest connected technologies as well as a suite of Advanced Driver Assistance Systems.

A digital dashboard features a 4.2-, 7- or 10-inch Driver Information Display (dependent on the model), offering a personalized, intuitive driving experience. This is complemented by the 7-inch horizontal or 9.3-inch portrait Easy Link touchscreen infotainment display-oriented towards the driver, ensuring heightened convenience for both driver and front passenger while ensuring distraction is kept to a minimum with easy-to-view information.

The center console features a wireless smartphone charging system and an electric automatic parking brake with Auto-Hold option, as standard, while E-TECH Hybrid models feature the elegant e-shifter gear selector. The All-New Renault Arkana also gets four USB plugs (two at the front, two at the rear) for powering electronic devices and providing connectivity for all passengers.

With Renault Easy Connect, the All-New Arkana is able to access a number of services through the MY Renault app and the Easy Link multimedia system. It features continuous 4G connectivity and additional services offered by partners such as Google (address finder) and TomTom (real-time traffic information).

From remote vehicle control to real-time traffic information, including door-to-door navigation with the destination information sent to the car, vehicle location, and remote door control, all systems aim to offer a unique connected experience, both inside the vehicle and outside, via the driver's smartphone. The Renault Easy Link multimedia system and onboard mapping also provide automatic and regular updates thanks to "Over the Air" technology.

The Renault Easy Link multimedia system will be available in three configurations, all compatible with Android Auto and Apple CarPlay; with a 7-inch screen, 7-inch screen with sat-nav, or 9.3-inch screen with sat-nav. Influenced by smartphone design, the Renault Easy Link multimedia system provides a practical, ergonomically designed interface. Users can create profiles and customize certain screens using widgets, enabling everyone to access their favorite features directly.

Renault MultiSense technology gives drivers the opportunity to personalize their driving experience depending on their mood. Interacting with engine mapping, power-assisted steering, ambient lighting, and the digital screen configuration, MultiSense settings offer three available modes:

  • Eco: Uses a more measured mapping of the accelerator pedal and adapted gear changing for the most economical drive.
  • Comfort: steering assistance increased for greater flexibility and ease of driving, from 10 to 40 percent depending on the vehicle speed
  • Sport: steering assist is now 25 percent firmer and the engine mapping offers 20-25 percent more torque at the same throttle position for a more dynamic drive
  • My Sense: Best for everyday use, My Sense offers the best compromise in terms of performance and economy, using as much electric power as possible, but in the most efficient way.

MultiSense settings can be easily accessed from the Easy Link multimedia system's interface or a special keypad on the center screen. A single touch will open the MultiSense window and allow drivers to change their preferences, including eight ambient lighting options. Depending on the selected mode, drivers can also display a customizable widget on the dashboard screen, such as the consumption in Eco mode or power and torque in the Sport mode.

The latest Advanced Driver Assistance Systems provide added convenience and safety for the driver. The All-New Arkana will be available with a selection of systems including Motorway & Traffic Jam Companion, Adaptive Cruise Control (with Stop & Go), Active Emergency Braking System (AEBS), Blind Spot Warning, Traffic Sign Recognition, Lane Departure Warning, and Lane Keep Assist.

Motorway & Traffic Jam Companion combines Adaptive Cruise Control (with Stop & Go) and lane-centering assistance, which even works on curved roads up to a certain level. It controls car speed from zero to 99.4mph and maintains safe distances between vehicles while providing lane-centering assistance. It is particularly useful in heavy traffic conditions and automatically stops and restarts the car after three seconds without any action by the driver.

For added convenience, a series of features make it easier for the driver when performing low-speed maneuvers, or parking. The 360-degree camera features an additional four cameras, offering a view from above the vehicle that provides a single image of all the obstacles around it. The 360-degree camera is simple to use and automatically activated when the car is reversing. The system displays two images: the front or rear view based on the selected speed and the choice between a 360-degree view or a zoom of the passenger-side camera. Further to this is Easy Park Assist (for parallel, oblique or vertical parking) making maneuvering easier when entering or exiting a parking space. The sensors control steering while drivers control the pedals and transmission.

The All-New Renault Arkana will be available to order from July 2021, with first deliveries in September 2021. Prices to be confirmed.

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