Can you imagine that the Ferrari 599 that is already equipped with the nearly spectacular 620 horsepowers (455 kW) can be further enhanced? Well if you do so – you are right. These improvements were made by the Dusseldorf-based ANDERSON Germany Company. It brought its power to the total of 491 kW or 658 HP, with the 6.0 liter capacity and the corresponding torque, by means of optimizing the software. What is interesting as well is that the exhaust system now can be adjusted by a remote control in two sound stages. ANDERSON Germany Company brought to life a nearly-racing edition of the street-legal race car that accelerates from 0 to 100 km/h just in 3 seconds and furthermore it has the maximum speed far beyond 300 km/h.

Basically what they have done is to save weight, and that inevitably speaks of high-tech carbon material. Of this lightweight and at the same time high-strength material, are made the outer mirrors and the front bumper hang-on parts, side skirts and the rear bumper, as well as the rear diffuser. In addition the car features the complete varnishing in "ANDERSON Germany Black Diamant Metallic" with glossy black racing stripes and red rims alongside the windows and tail lights toning which definitely makes a statement. And if you wonder how the connection between this luxury car and the unworthy tarmac is made, the answer lies in the size of 9J x 21" of the three-spike shiny black rims with red trimmings coupled with 245/30-21 tires. And if you are willing you can also choose size 12J x 21" rims with 345/25-21 tires. Furthermore a bit style is added by the red-varnished brake caliper which is well visible through the wheels.

Further transformations are made in the interior of the car. First of all thee ANDERSON Germany did a complete finishing with the black carbon leather combined with the red perforated leather. You can also see a diamond-shaped stitching and the red rand on the seat upholstery. Because of the weight saving, gearshift, door handles, window lifters, door sills and center console have been manufactured entirely from the carbon fiber.

Anderson Germany Ferrari 599

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