2019 Wheelsandmore  Aston Martin DBS Superleggera - Front Angle

Although other tuning companies are providing tuning components for the sports cars from Aston Martin, Wheelsandmore from Germany is still the first address when it comes to the refinement of all Aston Martin models since 2004. With the conversion of the current top model, a DBS Superleggera, Wheelsandmore proves once again how a tuning can combine different styles, in the end sporty discreet, yet stylistically and technically decisively improved.

With 725hp engine power, the sleek Gran Tourer is without a doubt one of the most powerful 2 + 2 seaters on the planet. Responsible for this performance and 900Nm torque is the self-developed 5.2l bi-turbo V12 engine. Once the subject of forced breathing comes into play, the tuner's heart beats faster and the software developers are happy to modify the corresponding parameters to increase performance, in order to be able to offer a steady increase in performance. With the control units of the new generation, it already requires appropriate know-how to be able to make modifications. Wheelsandmore offers both, an increase in performance in the course of classic chiptuning, as well as an easy-to-install plug-and-play solution with an additional control unit. In both cases, the torque increases by 130Nm and the power grows by 105 additional horsepower. The standard top speed remains unchanged even after the modification with 340 km/h. The tuning upgrade is offered for the price of 4.193 EURO each.

Since the DBS Superleggera is largely based on the DB11 and Wheelsandmore has launched a program with special rims for this model already in the year 2017, it was unproblematic for the noble tuner to develop appropriate rims for the super sports car. From the multi-part rim program, the model F.I.W.E. was specially developed for the DBS Superleggera for the first time sizing 22 inches. In order to meet the customer's demand for the most discreet yet appealingly sporty look, the Aston Martin tuning expert customized the rims on the front axle in 10x22" and measuring 12x22" on the drive axle. The road contact is made by high performance Pirelli tires in 265/30/22 and 315/25/22 inches with the appropriate release up to the maximum speed limit.

From the tuner's point of view, these measures are exactly those that make the DBS Superleggera an absolute supercar. As the rim parts are always made to customer specifications in color and surface, it can be assumed that each finished Aston Martin DBS Superleggera from Wheelsandmore will ultimately be an individual one-off item according to customer specifications. Rims can certainly be assembled by many wheel companies in the world. But such extreme sizes for the latest vehicles with German TUV approval are only available at Wheelsandmore!

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