2019 BMW 850i xDrive Coupe BMW team has finally introduced the latest 2019 8 Series Coupe. Available as a BMW M850i xDrive model, the coupe makes a dramatic comeback after two decades and definitely would mark a new chapter in the story of the brand with outstanding performance, elegant design and advanced technologies.

Exterior design

2019 BMW 850i xDrive Coupe

The luxurious vehicle features dramatic body language design with elaborate and jutting lines and curves that altogether form the well-known shape, but also showcase brand's intention to add contemporary components and overall modern visual features.

The kidney grille is present, as always and showcases vehicle's extended proportions and features hexagonal outline with widened components and overall muscular expression. Furthermore, there are standard Full LED headlights and the signature BMW LaserLight technology. In fact, these are the slimmest headlights that were installed to any BMW unit so far. Also, the greenhouse is sharp and neatly accentuates the muscular expression. In fact, the whole rear-end is composed of sculptured, emotive surfaces that underline vehicle's width and low centre of gravity.

Interior design

2019 BMW 850i xDrive Coupe

The cabin is designed to aid the driver in focusing on the road and enjoying the neat driving experience. The car comes with wide central console and ample space for driver and passengers that results in more pleasurable and comfortable driving experience. Furthermore, the car features clear arrangement of the controls. There are also newly developed sporty seats with high levels of long-distance comfort and neat lateral support. Sweet.

Drivetrain system

2019 BMW 850i xDrive Coupe

And now we are talking! The standard specification of the BMW M850i xDrive Coupe features a massive 4.4-liter eight-cylinder power unit that was revised and fine-tuned in numerous ways. There are two twin-turbo turbochargers with charge air cooling and High Precision Injection, VALVETRONIC fully variable valve control and Double-VANOS variable camshaft timing.

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This engine is paired to an eight-speed Steptronic Sport gearbox with wide ratios and sporty gear shifts – it is the latest version of the transmission model and comes with reduced engine speeds, sharper gear shift and optimized hydraulics control. Also, the 8 Series comes with revised suspension technology, developed especially for this particular model and neat four-piston, fixed caliper brakes at the front axle and single-piston floating-calliper brakes at the rear.

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