2021 BMW iX xDrive 50BMW announces the second generation of the all-electric iX lineup. This model line showcases brand's new approaches towards design, connectivity, electrification technologies, and all different kinds of services. However, the main goal of the BMW team remains sustainability. Let's find out more!

BMW and its sustainability ambitions

The brand focuses on the responsible use of resources and minimization of the overall carbon emissions of all stages of any vehicle's lifecycle. To achieve this, advancements have been made across all areas of vehicle-building and maintenance.

This means that BMW would use more raw materials and the new iX xDrive50 will feature numerous recycled components as well as such facets that require minimum CO2 emissions.


2021 BMW iX xDrive 50

The vehicles in the lineup will be run by two high-efficiency motors, driving four wheels and delivering about 500hp. These high levels of drive system efficiency and higher density high-voltage batteries are expected to improve the driving dynamics and electric power consumption. The engine system and battery technology are based on an intelligent lightweight construction and aerodynamic body shape that altogether contribute to a more sustainable future and impressive practicality.

Furthermore, the fifth generation of BMW eDrive is focused on a design approach that enables a power density around 30 percent greater than earlier electric drive systems. This highly integrated electric drive system plays a key role when it comes to the efficiency of the xDrive50.

New battery approach

The battery technology included in the new BMW eDrive incorporates a new and advanced kind of battery cell. The overall energy output has been increased by about 20 percent over previous generations and delivers enhanced performance rates. Also, the unit is cased in an aluminum compartment low on the vehicle floor as an integral part of the body.

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Additionally, there's a new liquid cooling system for the high-voltage battery which provides the optimal temperature control in highly dynamic driving situations.

New charging capabilities

2021 BMW iX xDrive 50

What is also new is the new charging technology. The new iX xDrive50 comes with a Combined Charging Unit which offers high levels of flexibility when it comes to using charging stations of any type. This system brings together the functions of the voltage transformer, charging electronics, and power distribution, as well as the management system for the drive.

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