We are all waiting impatiently for the big reveal of the sixth generation Camaro on 16th of May, but until then we can at least enjoy some teasers regarding its structure. The company has released two new images depicting the engine and the exhaust. You can view them below in the gallery (they are the last two photos). More importantly, the company released the news that the car will be equipped with new Drive Mode Selector, which will make most of its performance and will feature multiple drive settings.

Other new technologies will also give the chance to drivers to tailor the car to the particular moment they are driving it. This will allow a lot of flexibility and this was actually inspired by the current Camaro ZL1 that is perfect for any kind of driving.

Aaron Link, Camaro's lead engineer, said that the new model will be "even more adaptable" and will have eight selectable modes. And here steps in the Drive Mode Selector. It will include Snow/Ice, Tour, Sport and Track settings, depending on the model. Each mode will feature calibrations that will ensure that a specific throttle progression, steering and stability control is delivered.

Magnetic Ride Control will be also a first, but it will be available only in the SS. What is more, Tour, Sport and Track programs will be offered by the active damping system and they will change the ride and handling balance.

At last, Chevrolet said that the new Camaro will sport a dual-mode exhaust system that will have electronically controlled valves. It will not only deliver great performance but also superior sound levels. Oh, and let me tell you a secret. It will also have these cool personalization options that will allow the driver to switch between "stealth" and "track" mode.

Chevrolet is going to make an official premier of the Gen 6 Camaro on 16th of May with a special public event at Detroit's Belle Isle Park.

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