Followed by the first video of environmental series of short films, the second footage named Every Drop Counts continues the purpose of Honda associates to fulfill the company's vision for reducing Honda's environmental impact and creating a more sustainable business.

The new film highlights a project which aims to capture and utilize the energy present in water falling from rooftop cooling towers. In the video you can view the story of how a retired plant engineer's sketch intrigues a team of associates who seek to generate their own energy with a simple but ingenious device.

The inspiration of Honda's engineers was big enough so that it resulted in a unique small-scale hydro power generation system. The vehicle was created via spare parts and materials (almost entirelly) in the plant.

Then the specialists converted a simple AC motor for use as an alternator, which generated energy from water as it falls 35 feet to a sump. The results are amazing: the low-cost, low-maintenance system produces 50 000 kilowatt hours of electricity each year and offsets roughly 77 000 pounds of CO2 emissions from the consumption of grid-supplied electricity.

The Honda Environmental Short Film Series puts more light on the environmental innovations across Honda in North America. It puts more attention to the efforts the brand is making in order to create a more fuel-efficient and low emissions vehicles. In addition, it shows their efforts in reducing energy use, emissions and waste in all of the company's operations.

Video Source: YouTube

Source: Honda