Ferrari has exclusively prepared two examples of its all-new, mind-blowing creation, the Ferrari FF at the top of Plan De Corones in the Dolomites at 2,350 meters height, where the newly-premiered four-seater with four-wheel drive will be tested by the press for first time.

The two V12 Ferrari rides will be driven at a special ice and snow track located at the start of the vast ski area, trying to demonstrate in full its four-wheel drive possibilities under fierce conditions.

In the video bellow, Ferrari is showing us how the cars have been taken to this area, which can only be reached by the ski-lifts. The two Ferrari FF rides have been transported with a CH-47 Chinook transport helicopter from Viterbo's 1st Regiment Antares backed by three Agusta 205 helicopters from the 4th Regiment Altair from the Italian air force in Bolzano.

In this highly anticipated test event, more than 200 journalists from the world's famous publications will take a part, trying to give us their most accurate opinion on how the ride is handling on the track and what kind of experience to expect from it.

Ferrari FF at Plan De Corones, 1 of 4Ferrari FF at Plan De Corones, 2 of 4Ferrari FF at Plan De Corones, 3 of 4Ferrari FF at Plan De Corones, 4 of 4

Source: Ferrari