2020-Karma-Revero-GT-910Karma Automotive, the Southern California-based manufacturer of luxury electric vehicles and high-tech mobility incubator, will use its first European auto show presence to showcase the new Revero and Revero GT models at the Geneva International Motor Show 2020.

Brand's focus is building a system with retailers and partners who embody the goals of offering leading automotive design, cutting-edge technology, personalized customization and, of course, outstanding customer experience. The automaker is currently supported by a network of over 29 retailers worldwide, with a growing European retail network in France, Sweden, Spain and Netherlands.

As it comes to the vehicles themselves, the first one, Revero, is Karma's original luxury electric car powered by a set of two electric motors. The vehicle features an efficient four-cylinder turbocharged power unit that powers an on-board electric generator and enhances the overall vehicle performance.

On the other hand, Revero GT has already been named the 2020 Luxury Green Car of the Year by Green Car Journal. The vehicle has managed to impress the jury with its superior design, advanced technologies, and refined drivetrain system.

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Karma team also uses its next-generation technology, artful aesthetics, and customized components to develop a full-BEV platform. This direction is evidenced by Karma's SC2 Concept car, unveiled at the AutoMobility LA, Los Angeles Auto Show's annual media and industry event. Featuring cutting-edge technology and design, SC2 Concept is the brand's bold statement that Karma will continue to impress both fans and skeptics.

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Source: Karma