2019 Wheelsandmore Lamborghini Urus Tuning - Side

With 650 horsepower and 850Nm of torque the Urus ranged at the top of all SUV power cars until the Bentayga Speed was launched. Wheelsandmore lifts the Urus back again up to the pole position of this segment and offers 3 different upgrades, which makes a visit to the tuner from the Rhineland not necessary because all components can be installed without costly conversions to the car. All upgrades can be implemented either with an easy to install additional control unit or by remapping the ecu. In Stage 1 the tuner achieves a massive performance boost of additional 125hp and 100Nm of torque. By using 200 cell sport catalytic converters the engine power is increased with another 15hp / 15Nm in stage 2. If the catalysts are exchanged with replacement pipes the power grows to finally 808hp and 972Nm in stage 3. With prices between 2.521 – 5.469 EURO there is certainly still budget available for a throughput-optimized flap exhaust system. The exhaust system for the price of 4.029 EURO.

Like many other manufacturers of sporty vehicles, VAG subsidiary Lamborghini has realized that many customers now want to have the largest possible wheels for an ideal appearance of their vehicle and that those can live with a slight loss of comfort. After in the year 2018 the Urus was available only with maximum 22-inch wheels, it´s offered since 2019 optionally with 23-inch wheels. Therefore, the challenge for the tuner is not only to develop the gear train dimensionally, but also visually appealing than the manufacturer. Wheelsandmore mounted the Continental UHP tires in sizes 295/35/23 and 335/30/23 on forged rims measuring 10.5x23 and 12.0x23 inches to accommodate the original body perfectly without additional parts.

The complete wheel set with TPMS is offered at the price of 9.999 EURO.

With the aid of a plug-and-play module that is easy to install, the driver has the option of setting the chassis height to the millimeter with the help of a smartphone APP. The suspension tuning module, which has already been successfully used in the Audi Q7, can be rewarded with EUR 1.679 at the luxury tuner.

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