Whether you are going to lease a van for personal use or getting multiple for an entire company, understanding the basics behind leasing as a whole should be your first step. It doesn't matter why you are looking to lease a van: the best way to do it is usually over the internet. But why does leasing vans online make such a difference compared to the older ways of leasing?

Choosing a Van

Vans come in all shapes and sizes, and this will matter to some people more than others. Aside from the capacity of the van itself, which can often be important when you are using it to move large loads around, the style and visual design can matter more than you might think.

For example, if you are deciding how to create an awesome Instagram video about van leasing (or something else that needs a certain ‘look'), then you might need to choose a van that has a particular shape or color. In some cases, this might make it harder to find exactly what you are looking for, but in others, it might actually help you narrow down a certain van that fits your needs perfectly.

Sometimes, sorting by manufacturers or looking at popular options can be enough, especially when you are only using your van for a single job. Moving furniture from point A to point B doesn't usually take anything special, so you have more freedom with what you can choose.

Finding Your Options

The best way to find vans that are available for leasing is through internet searches. Some sites allow you to get a full list of vans in a particular area or of a certain type, which can make it much easier to compare finance options, leasing prices, and overall vehicle details without having to juggle multiple listings from different places.

In many cases, sites will also let you filter through different modifications or upgrades, allowing you to choose a van that has been upgraded to fill a certain role. This can make it far easier to find a van for passenger transport, camping, hauling, off-road driving, or carrying a built-in fridge and freezer system. Even better, this can help you narrow down the vans according to your own finance options, and you can get quotes or estimated prices with far more certainty.

Leasing vs. Buying

Another great reason to use websites like this is the fact that they are focused on properly leasing the vehicle to you. While you can lease a van from a person you know in real life, there might not be any kind of formal document involved, which can cause problems if something goes seriously wrong. Leasing sites are also far less likely to push a purchase on you, especially if they don't offer the option of buying a van outright.


While delivery and collection methods vary by company, most online sites will serve areas beyond their local one. This usually means that they will have an option for the van to be delivered by a driver, sometimes even to your front door, which can make the process much easier if you don't have a lot of free time.

If you are leasing vans for a business, you can have them drive to the business premises rather than needing to take a day off and meet with the leaser yourself. Even if this isn't an option, most professional leasing companies will make it easy for you to collect the vehicle, usually by having it stored at their nearest property.

Finance Options

Compared to an individual person who is renting out their personal vans, a leasing company can have a range of finance options to help you afford both the vans and the upgrades they come with. This can be invaluable to smaller businesses or sole traders, giving you a way to make the payments easier without necessarily having to downgrade the vehicle you are using. This can even include options like lease purchases or the ability to pre-approve full van purchases using a credit limit.

Some of these options will only be helpful to people who are planning on buying the van at some point, but others can benefit everybody and might make it easier to get hold of a van that you otherwise wouldn't be able to completely buy right away.