Last year Lumma gave to the world an overhauled Porsche Cayenne known as the CLR 558 GT. It looked, and still does, like it's been fed with steroids throughout it's whole life: a chubby aerodynamic kit, a hunkered down stance and some extra muscle under the hood. Now, why not have something that goes along with it? It's the Lumma Sport Trailer... really?

Let's start with the workhorse first, just to refresh our memory. With some powertrain witchcraft, Lumma have managed to pump the power, of the otherwise unassuming 240 hp, 6-cylinder diesel Cayenne, to 276 horsepowe and 630 Nm of torque. Subsequently, the CLR 558 GT can be quite sonorous, especially with the four, 90 mm tail pipes that stick out the back. Under the wheel arches one would find 10x22 and 12x22-inch Lumma sport wheels while inside, extensive use of Alcantra and carbon fiber is rather visible. Add to that some crafty stitching work, wood veneers and aluminum here and there and you get a premium cabin which would suit perfectly to someone who goes, let's say, water skiing every Sunday.

That's why Lumma have decided to also offer you a trailer. It has "Sports" in it's name supposedly because of the lightweight construction that incorporates aluminum, carbon fiber and plastic. And how about those wheels? They look like the offspring of the bigger ones. Cute. According to Lumma, it is also fairly flexible (in the practical sense) – Jet skis, quad bikes, Ski-Doos, you name it, Lumma will make room for it. The design ques are obviously taken directly from the Lumma CLR 558 GT so one wouldn't look too awkward while driving around in town with the whole set. There are even options for it. Integrated electric winches, retractable ramps and a fully customizable exterior design can all be negotiated.

Lumma Porsche Cayenne CLR 558 GT and Sport Trailer

Source: Lumma Design