Mazda Motor Corporation has added fresh features to the four-door, four-seat rotary-powered Mazda RX-8 sports car for the Japanese market. The updated models go on sale today at all Mazda and Mazda Anfini dealers nationwide. Standard equipment across the entire RX-8 range has been updated with popular features that provide added comfort and convenience. The updates include rain-sensing windshield wipers and Mazda's auto-light system (which switches the headlights on automatically according to ambient light conditions). Two additional exterior body colors, silver and gray, reflect the RX-8's high quality and accentuate its exceptional sports car styling.

Main features of the freshened Mazda RX-8 -    Rain-sensing windshield wipers, auto-light system, water-repellent coating (on the front door windows and door mirrors) and Mazda's advanced keyless entry and engine start system now come as standard equipment on all model grades. -    The addition of two new body colors – Aluminum Metallic and Metropolitan Gray Mica – brings the available exterior range to seven colors. -    Revised model grade lineup (base model was renamed Type G). -    Audio-less specification standard for all model grades (to best match each driver's needs, the space for a head unit in the center panel is left open. The Audio-less spec allows for a variety of audio systems).

Mazda RX-8 Type E

Manufacturer's suggested retail prices for the Mazda RX-8 (*price of the model in the photo)

Grade Drive Engine Transmission Price (U.S. Dollars)
With tax Without tax
Type G RWD Water-cooled, in-line 2-rotor (654cc x 2) 6-speed AT (Activematic) 27,712.45 26,376.55
Type E 6-speed AT (Activematic) 31,288.67* 29,786.45
Type S 6-speed MT 30,852.33 29,398.09
Type RS 6-speed MT 33,484.78 31,906.46

-    A separate recycling fee of 130 dollars is necessary in addition to the manufacturer's suggested retail prices listed above. If the curtain and front side SRS airbag system is selected as a factory-installed option, the fee is 136 dollars. -    If the special body color Crystal White Pearl Mica is selected, the price increases by 332 dollars (including tax).

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