Mazda TAKERI is the new-generation mid-sized saloon concept. The vehicle was firstly presented to the market at this year's Tokyo Motor Show. This concept car is the crystallization of the new ‘KODO — Soul of Motion' design theme and breakthrough SKYACTIV Technology. The aim is to show future of Mazda's new-generation mid-sized saloon.

From the vision of Mazda SHINARI, TAKERI has taken the four-door sports coupe. The car is equipped with unique features such as SKYACTIV-D diesel engine, Mazda's i-stop idling stop system, and a specific regenerative braking system, called ‘i-ELOOP', which was developed in the pursuit of ultimate energy efficiency. Together, these technologies achieve astonishing improvements in fuel efficiency and driving performance.

Because of the design, the driving characteristics and environmental credentials, Mazda TAKERI is at the core of Mazda vehicle line-up.

What has to be taken into account about the design is that Mazda TAKERI styling reflects the full nature of a Mazda mid-sized saloon – fully balanced and powerful. And if you wonder what the name means, TAKERI is derived from the Japanese word ‘male'. As it is obvious, in the development of TAKERI, Mazda has sought a breakthrough saloon design. The goal was have a balance between the striking emotional appeal and its' unmistakable saloon styling. This all happens at a level never achieved before. Hence, the result embodies the quality and appeal demanded in the mid-sized saloon segment.

Furthermore, Mazda TAKERI is fully equipped with the breakthrough SKYACTIV Technology which has been previously introduced on the Mazda CX-5. Its engine is the highly efficient SKYACTIV-D diesel, which, in combination with the six-speed SKYACTIV-Drive automatic transmission and i-stop idling stop system, delivers refined performance and more importantly, offers fuel efficiency.

Mazda's new regenerative braking system i-ELOOP has been used here too. In addition through the combination of regenerative braking, the highly efficient SKYACTIV powertrain and architecture, and i-stop, Mazda TAKERI offers extremely high levels driving pleasure and outstanding environmental performance. And all of this happens without the use of hybrid technologies.

The exterior design of Mazda TAKERI is built on the styling of the previous model – SHINARI. However, here Mazda has put a focus on making the car's exterior view design even more arresting by visually capturing a sense of coiled animal power. In addition it fits perfectly around the layout and packaging of a mid-sized saloon car. The front fascia has a powerful overhanging front bumper line, sculpted over the wheels. In addition, the designers had put strengths building a powerful axis that runs the full length of the vehicle. Don't you think that this vision evokes an image of the car's spine, and moreover portrays a confident, masculine power as well as a sense of speed?

With SKYACTIV Technology Mazda TAKERI has the superior aerodynamic performance. It was achieved by optimally tuning the airflow over the upper body and efficiently managing the airflow beneath the car with the under floor design.

In comparison to Mazda SHINARI, TAKERI's interior is a high-level balance of the sense of speed and the functionality of the driver-car interface. But don't worry, because all necessary materials have been used in order to be achieved the overall comfort and ambience of the cabin.

What is really fascinating about the interior is that the instrument panel fascia has a metal base with a clear coating. Thus, when struck by light, the base naturally has a metallic sheen, displaying a sense of depth and quality.

However, the highlights here have to go for Mazda TAKERI's new SKYACTIV-D clean diesel engine. The reason for this is that it achieves compression-induced spontaneous ignition at the world's lowest compression ratio. Hence, the effect is an ideal combustion cycle with highly efficient energy conversion. Moreover, it also results in lower mechanical stress, reducing friction and allowing drastic reductions in the weight of each engine component. Because of these advantages, SKYACTIV-D offers exhilarating acceleration in combination with exceptional fuel economy.

Furthermore TAKERI is also equipped with the specific Mazda's i-stop system. This system has been developed especially for use with a diesel engine that achieves the world's first re-ignition with a single compression. The consequences of this are the elimination of the load on the battery and starter motor during restarts and reduction of fuel use to achieve superior environmental performance. This sets i-stop apart from conventional diesel engine idling stop systems, giving smooth, fast restarts and relaxed, stress-free driving.

Check out the specs, below!

Mazda Takeri Saloon Concept

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Mazda TAKERI Concept Saloon, 7 of 7

Technical Specifications

Body type Four-door saloon
Seating capacity 4
Overall length x width x height 4,850mm x 1,870mm x 1,430mm
Wheelbase 2,830mm
Engine SKYACTIV-D 2.2
Transmission SKYACTIV-Drive (six-speed automatic)
Drive Front-wheel drive
Major systems i-stop idling stop system i-ELOOP regenerative braking system
Suspension Front: MacPherson struts Rear: multi-links
Brakes Front: ventilated discs Rear: ventilated discs
Steering system Electric power assisted steering
Tyres Bridgestone 245/40 R20
Wheels 9.5J x 20-inch
Engine SKYACTIV-D 2.2 diesel
Displacement cc 2 188
Type Water-cooled, inline 4-cylinder DOHC, 16-valve, direct injection
Compression ratio 14.0:1
Max. power PS (kW)/RPM 175 (129)/4 500
Max. torque Nm (lb-ft)/RPM 420 (42.8)/2 000
Fuel tank capacity (FWD/AWD) L 56/58
Transmission 6-speed SKYACTIV-Drive automatic transmission
Fuel type Diesel

Source: Mazda