2020 Mercedes GLS 63 AMG X1671


And this is exactly where the inclined customer faces the agony of choice between the four different possibilities of performance increase: Stage 1 already tickles 700 HP and 950 Nm torque out of the engine. Anyway stage 2 is everything but shabby: 800 HP and 1040 Nm and by applying stage 3 the power scale climbs up to 860 hp and 1150 Nm. Nevertheless, stage 4 outshines everything and catapults the power output to a breathtaking 920 hp and 1050 Nm.


Using software optimization or an easy-to-install plug-and-play tuning module, Wheelsandmore generates 700 or. 710hp and with vehement 950 or. 1000nm of torque. The prices for the respective upgrade is about EUR 2,577 for software optimization and EUR 3.282 for the additional electronic control unit Tec-Tronic incl. 2 years guarantee on motor and drive.

Stage 2:

In addition to the customized software, the manufacturer uses throughput-optimized downpipes with sports catalysts and revised series turbochargers in exchange. These measures result in a total of 800hp engine power and maximum 1040nm of torque. The V-Max will be unlocked, so that the vehicle can theoretically drive over 320 km/h depending on the tire approval.

Price for stage 2 including assembly is about: 17.240 EURO

Stage 3:

The CPC control unit is also modified and twin scroll turbochargers as well as reinforced wastegates elicit the 4 liter capacity of 860hp, which consequently increases the transmission mechanically up to max. 1150nm.

The tuner offers stage 3 at a price of 31,895 euros including installation.

Stage 4:

Without opening the engine, increasing the displacement and working with forged components, the possibilities of a stable modification of the AMG engine ended at 920hp and also 1150nm. Responsible for the additional power of 60 horses are again modified turbochargers, which, in line with high-performance fuel pumps and the appropriate software, lead to a conversion price of EUR 43.102 to be paid at the exclusive tuner Wheelsandmore.

24 inch wheels and tires for Mercedes GLS63 Class X 167

From the outside, the modified SUV hardly gives an idea of what performance it is capable of. The only, but noticeable, feature is the G-Logic type alloy wheels, which completely fill the wheel arches in all directions. The wheel-tire combination consists of wheelsandmore rims type G-Logic in the dimension 10,5x24 inch with tires in 295/35-24 and 12.5x24 rims with 335/30-24 tires can be fitted on the rear axle. Or all around 10.5x24 with 295/30-24. Surface and color are made exactly according to the customer's request, thereby all colors with code and RAL colors are possible. Special requests such as manufacturer's logo on the wheel hub caps, own brand milling or engraving, as well as color accentuating outlines are most welcome at wheelsandmore.

A lowering is currently still under development.

Exhaust system

Finally, the stainless steel exhaust system with its sporty, sonorous and unmistakable typical sound should be mentioned. Nothing is as emotionally decisive for the character and perception of a German sports car as the sound of an exhaust system.

2020 Mercedes GLS 63 AMG, 1 of 3
2020 Mercedes GLS 63 AMG, 2 of 3
2020 Mercedes GLS 63 AMG, 3 of 3