Nebulus Porsche Cayenne by BLACK BOX-RICHTER

Magnificent, unique, and literally damn fast: The Porsche Cayenne from the lifestyle brand Nebulus is a very special vehicle. Nebulus' motto is to offer customers Nebulus branded clothing at a fair price. Independent, eye-catching design, high-quality standards, and perfect customer service have top priority at Nebulus. An owner-managed company from Lower Bavaria with a sense of fashion and lifestyle. The Nebulus brand was launched 13 years ago and is loved by millions of customers around the world.

Black Box-Richter in Schardenberg, Austria, and their owner Mingo RICHTER are known for truly unusual kinds of adhesive vinyl wraps. In cooperation with HGP Turbo Retrofitting and 811 design, a Porsche Cayenne from Nebulus was both performance-enhanced and perfectly wrapped in vinyl foil. The Black Box Richter team has now given the object of desire - the Porsche Cayenne - a new design.

In order to increase performance, the product range of HGP Turbo in Ohmden was utilized. After adjusting the engine control and removing the Vmax limitation, a large-volume air filter box, and a sports air filter insert was installed, each with "HGP-turbo" lettering. Interested observers will find large-volume intake hoses (in blue or black) as well as intake manifolds with an enlarged cross-section in front of the turbochargers. The series turbochargers were processed in such a way that larger turbine shafts and the same compressor wheels were installed. Reinforced thrust bearings and enlarged turbocharger inputs have been added as well. The boost pressure sensors have also been changed. All of this, of course, with the approval of the TÜV. The vehicle's diagnostic capability remains intact, and the manufacturer cannot overwrite it. On request, the performance increase to 962 hp (= 707 kW) and 1.250 Nm can be retrofitted at any time.

Finally, the full vinyl wrapping requires special mention. First of all, the basic color white metallic glossy was completely wrapped in the PWF special color Obsidian black matte. After that, an additional layer of Ruby-red vinyl was applied with a line layout in different thicknesses. The cross-component accuracy of the bonding was of utmost importance in order to achieve a harmonious overall picture. The design was created by Hajo LEMKEs at 811 design in Erftstadt. It requires about a week to complete this type of adhesive vinyl wrapping.

Now all one has to do is call, make an appointment, optimize and drive off and experience the Cayenne driving pleasure. True to the motto: power, performance, design, and pure fun!

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