2021 Fiat 500The new Fiat 500 has been recognized as the most environmentally-friendly electric vehicle on the market, according to Green NCAP.

This is brand's first all-electric vehicle was awarded the top five-star rating and became the first and only electric machine to achieve such top rating in all three car tests: Clean Air Index, Energy Efficiency Index and Greenhouse Gases Index. This is also the first machine to score the maximum 10 of 10 in the Energy Efficiency Index.

Launched in 2019, the Green NCAP assessment is specially created to demonstrate how environmentally friendly new vehicles are by blending the results of both lab and real-world tests.

These examinations include cold, warm, cold ambient, and highway tests. There are also on-road driving exams, on-road driving with tons of luggage, on-road driving with a light load, and on-road short trip.

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As it comes to the vehicle, the new 500 is an iconic vehicle with a contemporary design and an advanced drivetrain system. The car comes with 2 Autonomous Driving technologies, numerous battery options, and extended mileage coverage with a single charge.