Nissan GT-R Boostlogic GodzillaDragtimesinfo has posted video with an epic battle between Nissan GT-R Boostlogic Godzilla and AMS Alpha 12+.

The GT-R Boostlogic Godzilla rides on Toyo R888 R20 racing tires. It is boosted to 25 psi (1.72 bar) pressure and runs on 93 octane pump fuel.

The other Nissan – AMS Alpha 12 also runs on regular 93 octane pump fuel and on the same tires. It generates around 1000HP, because its full power is unleashed on VP16 – 116 octane racing fuel.

Both drivers make a lot of flying starts from 100 km/h to around 300 km/h, but as it appears, the GT-R Boostlogic Godzilla is a lot faster than the AMS.

Enjoy the video!

Source: Dragtimesinfo via Youtube