The Alpha 12 performance package is now fact and it boosts the mighty Nissan GT-R to whopping 1327PS (976 kW) and 1347Nm (995 lb-ft).

The previous record with Alpha 10 was 9.33 seconds at 153mph, a now there is a new one - 9.05 at 166.66mph (267 km/h) for the Alpha 12.

Because of the brutal power, the tuned Nissan managed to get full traction only in 5th gear, which means four-wheel spin to 4th. Nice! Still, the car looks like it is capable to go on public roads.

So, the AMS Performance smashed their own record with the new monster drag racer. Check out the video below, where you will see a number of starts as well as dyno test of the Alpha 12.

AMS Alpha 12 Side

Source: AMS Performance via Youtube