The breath-taking Nissan Skyline is the latest addition to the Depth of Speed inspiring episodes. Depth of Speed was created with the aim to bring the greatest stories from the automotive world to the genera public.

In other words, everything resolves around the passion, depth, and love that the automotive world brings. This video portrays the enthusiasm and adoration which this remarkable version of Nissan Skyline has created in its owner.

Nissan Skyline

The owner - Eric Bauer, had made this Nissan unique, and more importantly in the video below you will understand what inspired him to do so. He not only provides 3D modeling services to many automakers across the world, but also teaches at the Art Center College of Design.

He is definitely encouraging many students to take up a future in auto design and bring to fruition their passion, as he did. Furthermore Bauer is discussing the inimitable and eye-catching automobile and what makes it unlike any other.

Watch and hear how Eric speaks about the twelve year story in the making of this car.