To coincide with the public world premiere of the 4007 at geneva, peugeot Is unveiling a highly exclusive exercise in style produced in collaboration With luxury manufacturer holland&holland, recognised for its spirit of Adventure.


The pearlescent Hagénias Bronze body colour paintwork combines harmoniously with the vehicle's chrome detailing to accentuate the exclusive nature of this 4007 by emphasising its power and feline qualities combined with the presence of its style and ‘all-terrain' character.

Peugeot 4007 Holland & Holland

Water-resistant leather features on the door mirror casings and roof bars, while the "Holland&Holland" logo, the hood of a royal falcon, is applied to the rear quarter panels. Large 20" alloy wheels, machined from a single block in a unique fourfold design, add presence to the vehicle's exclusivity.


Only when you are in the vehicle does the creative alliance between the Peugeot Style Centre and Holland&Holland teams become more apparent. A blend of "Ebony" and "Chartreuse Green" leathers (Holland&Holland colour codes) enhanced by smooth leather edging and original stitching, creates a natural, exclusive and innovative feel.

The leather trim covering the passenger compartment is entirely hand-crafted by leather craftsmen from the Peugeot Style Centre. It blends harmoniously with the shape of the fascia panel, the special finish of the seats and the design of the door panels.

Peugeot 4007 Holland & Holland Interior

The Ebony wool felt floor and its embroidered carpets create a soft and warm environment. Ruthenium styled parts in dark chrome reinforce the exclusivity of the vehicle, particularly around the console and drive mode selector (two-wheel drive, 4x4 or "lock" modes).

At the rear, behind the split tailgate which opens in two sections, a large boot concealing two retractable seats houses a fantastic luggage compartment specially made by Holland&Holland. Posted on! Under the bonnet of this exclusive 4007 lies the 2.2-litre HDi engine developing a power of 115 kw (156 bhp) and a high torque of 380 Nm. A Diesel Particulate Filter System (DPFS) is also included as standard.

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