Today the brand SEAT has just made its first step to expansion in China. This was made through shipping of the first 250 vehicles. They will be marketed in China in the beginning of the spring this year! The presence of SEAT in this new market, the bran is setting up a new sea link. The latter will operate on a monthly basis between the ports of Barcelona and Guangzhou and Tianjin. More importantly, thank to this first vehicle transport link between Spain and China, SEAT will export around 4,000 vehicles in 2012.

Today's event was marked also by the presence of the Catalan government Ministers - Lluis Recoder, for Territory and Sustainability, and Francesc Xavier Mena, for  Business and Employment, as well as José Alberto Carbonell, Director General of the Port, and Ramón Paredes, Vice-president for Governmental and Institutional Relations at SEAT and the Volkswagen Group in Spain.

SEAT's expansion in China

SEAT Vehicles in China

Source: SEAT