SEATSEAT engineer Ángel Suárez talks about the danger of hot vehicle and how to prevent accidents

SEAT's engineer Ángel Suárez at the SEAT Technical Centre warns us, that it is already hot outside and it is good to follow some good examples for refreshment. He also says, that, sadly, there are just a few people out there, who follow the important tips to stay fresh and energetic in the hot days. In fact, in 9 o'clock in the morning it is already 30 degrees in Barcelona. Furthermore, meteorologists inform us, that Spain and some European countries are suffering the longest heatwave of the last 40 years! The thermometers in Zaragoza showed already 44 degrees, while the temperatures at London's Heathrow hit the 36 degree bar. So, what are the advices of SEAT team? Let's find out.

In fact, the high temperatures will not only damage our bodies, but it is generally dangerous for drivers. The SEAT specialists say, that when the interior temperature of a car is 35 degrees, the driver's reaction time is 20% slower than when it is 25 degrees. This is calculated to be as dangerous as driving with a blood-alcohol level of 0.5 gram per liter of blood. Imagine how dangerous the heat can be.


Furthermore, the SEAT engineer recommends "keeping the car hydrated", as he calls it. This means to regularly check the oil levels and the coolant levels. It is a sort of keeping yourself hydrated, but applying it to your car. And Suárez continues with some tips, that you can use to prevent damage to the car or someone else. He recommends to open the window for 30 seconds before turning on the air conditioning. This will dissipate the initial blast by itself. Other advice is to put the air conditioning on the "auto" mode, so it will get evenly distributed in the passenger compartment. Other tip is not to set the temperature below 21 degrees. This will help the fuel consumption to stay low.

Along with these, the SEAT engineer also gives another types of advice. You should plan your trip and take rests regularly. At least two breaks at every two hours and of course drink a lot of liquids. You should also avoid heavy meals and some heavy clothing. In the peak of Summer vacations and travels we encourage all our readers to take seriously SEAT advices and drive carefully and responsibly. So, have some nice time with your favorite people and don't forget what Ángel Suárez said!