2019-Lamborghini-910The latest Pantone color palettes have been published, and far from merely dominating the fashion world, they are also taking the automotive industry by storm. If masculine greys, pristine whites and cherry reds have dominated the color game for the past decade, car fans are seeing a huge turn-around in 2019, with bright, bold, even neon shades beginning to dominate luxury car marques. Without a doubt, the zeitgeist of the new millennium is aspiration, and those who have tried and succeeded are opting to show off the fruits of their efforts in loud and lively ways. These are just a few hues to watch out for in 2019/2020.

Nitro Yellow

Bright but warm, loud but elegant all at once. Nitro yellow, which graces cars ranging from the upmarket Lamborghini Urus to Toyota's new 2020 Supra model, is an ideal choice for those into serious yet confident hues that make a statement. Nitro yellow is undoubtedly a unique choice for Lamborghini's first SUV. The car, which boasts Bentley-esque interiors and luxury features like fine leather trimming and black natural grain wood inside, is anything but serious on the outside. Lamborghini has always loved playing with color, but its designers are spreading the word that the color yellow certainly isn't just for speed freaks. Toyota has followed suit, reflecting customers' greater confidence with out-of-the-box design. If in the past bright colors may have put customers off owing to the potentially greater visibility of scratches and imperfections, the greater availability of home solutions has appeased these fears. As demonstrated by Automotive TouchUp review, imperfections can be covered with a small range of products that can be applied by amateurs as well as professionals.

Orange Squeeze

Continuing in the line of citrics, vivid orange is also being seen on cars like the new Ford Mustang, the Aston Martin DBS Luxury or the McLaren 600LT. Orange is a fine alternative for sporty drivers who are into upbeat, warm hues, but who wish to forego the traditional red. Orange is seen as a youthful, more original choice. This hue also complements black to perfection, making it the perfect choice for the McLaren 600LT, whose roof, doors, and frontal design are graced with serious black accents in cutting-edge matte textures.

Brilliant Blue

The Jaguar F-Pace comes in a host of colors, but interestingly, three of them are blue. Loire Blue is a cross between midnight blue and purple; dark and sexy, it has just the slightest touch of color for those who don't wish to go all-black. Far more jovial is Caesium Blue, which shines bright in the daytime and plays down to a more discrete marine blue when the sun isn't shining. The Ultra Blue version, meanwhile, is considerably more powdery, flirty and summery. Jaguar invites you to dive into different seas of what usually tops the list of people's favorite list of colors and other designers are following suit. Take Ferrari, whose LaFerrari is absolutely crazy in a slick matte blue.

Nitro, orange and baby blue are just a few hues being embraced by luxury marques. In line with aspirational values that dominate purchasing decisions, these hues are the perfect match for car buyers who aren't shy about the success they have achieved. The good news is that the wider gamut of colors is prevalent in more affordable markets as well, meaning we will soon be seeing life on the highway in a more colorful, original light.