Stillen are adamant that their products are strictly functional. So the Stillen 370Z bumper should be no exception. It's made from urethane and, according to the Stillen guys, it does what a bumper should do – channel air to all the right places, provide down force and cool the brakes. Then comes, as a secondary priority, the looks. Tiago's Drift Hobby team seems to agree.

Tiago Drift Hobby is young team from Brasil, Sao Paulo that, as the name suggests, likes to go sideways on tracks amidst much smoke and tire smell. It's a living... or a hobby. Either way, the front bumper on their rather purple car is in fact, the aforementioned Stillen product. There's even a video out to as a testimonial – for a moment you see a bumperlees 370Z and then you don't. As soon as everything is patched up (an easy fix as the bumper uses the stock mounts of the car), the boys throw the now finished Nissan on the track for some rubber squealing action.

Source: Stillen

Video Source: Alphadrift via YouTube