Range Rover SVAutobiography Front and Side ViewConstructed at the Special Vehicle Operations (SVO) Technical Center in the UK, SVAutobiography features exterior design never seen before, incredible leather interior and a 5.0-liter supercharged engine, capable of producing 550 hp (404 kW). This is not just a Range Rover, but a machine, that would be the most luxorious and powerful among the line. John Edwads, the Managing Director ensures us, that this SUV will take the comfort, driving experience and technology to the next level.

Fine tuned and precisely built, the SVAutobiography is avaiable with 680 Nm (502 lb-ft), which, along with the 550 hp, boosts the car with additional 40hp and 41lb, but an interesting fact is, that the fuel consumption remains the same, as we know it from the previous model - Range Rover Sport SVR.

To increase the power and performance of the SUV, the powerplant is further improved with an additional boost pressure, which brings the overall high performance on the road. The maximum torque at 3, 500rpm and the 8-speed advanced auto transmission, that adjusts to the driver's behaviour, are the secret ingredient to create such a masterpiece.

Clients and customers will be offered to specify an interesting dual-tone body paint scheme, as they might choose between nine different colors. Additional design tweaks include unique hood lettering, a front grille with an interesting finish and many, many more, that together bring out the individuality of the SUV.

Many of the controls, including the start-stop surround, the rotary gear selector and other are placed on a solid detailed aluminum piece. The rear compartment has the option of a sliding luggage floor. Really handy, actually. As the machine itself. The SVAutobiography is definately an eye-catcher, that expands the heritage of the line in an incredible way.

2016 Range Rover SVAutobiography will make a North American premiere in New York on Wednesday.

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