The innovations from Toyota Motor Corporation (TMC) can be seen at the 42nd Tokyo Motor Show 2011. The Corporation will present the futuristic "Toyota Fun-Vii"1, which is a vehicle concept, that heralds the close future, they assure us. In these times, people, cars and society will be all linked. If you are willing to witness those innovative ideas yourself, the show will take place from November 30 till December 11 at Tokyo Big Sight in Koto Ward. Everything will stand under the theme: "Mobility can change the world."

Now let's review what's so impressive about this new concept from TMC.


If you have ever dreamed that you can easily alter the content displayed on the interior and exterior, then this car of the future offers you this ultimate in personalization function. What is the so fascinating, for example is that the whole vehicle body can be used as a display space, with the body color and display content changeable at will. The benefit of this is not only the exercise of your free will, but also this allows the entire vehicle to function as a mechanism for displaying messages or other information.

What is more interesting is that the entire interior of the vehicle can also function as a display space. Moreover - the interior is freely adjustable to match the mood of the moment. Further developments are made in the way the information is shown.  For instance, the content such as navigation information is blended seamlessly into the interior through the use of augmented reality. Futuristic, isn't it? In addition, only through a vocal interface, the vehicle's "navigation concierge" can provide the passengers with driving information and guidance.

Furthermore here is presented the idea ensuring that the driver will have the latest network software versions for the vehicle's drive, control and multimedia system. This will be made through a network update function.

Everything about The Fun-Vii is concentrated around connection. What I mean is that the ultra-futuristic vehicle will be able to link with surrounding vehicles and infrastructure, allowing it to detect other potentially hazardous vehicles-such as vehicles in blind spots-in advance. Even more – it will be able to connect with friends who are driving nearby.

Of course, vehicle's functions will be easily accessible remotely via a smartphone or other mobile communication device.

Obviously TMC is offering a fresh proposal and is providing the dream and joy of motor vehicles to as many people as possible. And in addition to the Toyota Fun-Vii is absolutely and fully responding to TMC"s slogan: "Fun to Drive, Again."

Toyota Fun-Vii Concept

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Toyota Fun-Vii Specs:

Length 4,020 mm

Width 1,745 mm

Height 1,415 mm

Wheelbase 2,750 mm

Seating 3

Source: Toyota