Vauxhall-Astra-VXR-Extreme-Concept-mediumIt's always exciting to talk about something that's supposed to be the -iest of its kind. That's why when we saw the "Radical Vauxhall Concept Heralds Fastest Production Astra" title, we flinched a bit. Still not resistant enough to sensationalist headings then

But Vauxhall are indeed up to something. Here's the first picture ever (sorry) of the Astra VXR Extreme...concept. It's essentially a "sibling" to the current 280 PS and 400 Nm Astra VXR. We are not good at taking hints. Does that mean no more than that power or no less than that? We do know for a fact, however, that the Extreme will be on a strict carbon fiber diet. Even though its interior spots an integrated safety structure and racing seats and six-point safety belts, the Extreme will be completely road-legal. However, with the Astra Cup race car playing the role of a biological mother, it will feel most at home on closed grounds. Anyone up for making some history at the local track day circuit in the fastest production Astra ever?! (Darn it, we did it again, didn't we?)

The full reveal is expected at the 2014 Geneva expo. More to come in the coming month.

Source: Vauxhall