The Passat, one of Volkswagen's most successful models, has a very distinguished reputation. Since the beginning of 2006, VW's versatile model has won some 20 international prizes, including such renowned awards as the "iF design award", and the "Gelber Engel" from the ADAC automobile club. With the new V-Line aerodynamic package, Volkswagen Accessories clearly demonstrates that the Passat has the makings of a true sports car. The sporty premium kit includes, front skirt, side sills, rear skirt, tailgate lip and double tail pipe trim. It upgrades the appearance and reduces the aerodynamic drag of standard vehicles.

Particularly distinct is the honeycomb designed front grille, which features an accented V-form making it a true eye-catcher. With the V-Line aerodynamic kit, Volkswagen Accessories offers an impressive synthesis of driving dynamics, racy look and everyday suitability that meets the highest quality demands. Simultaneously, the limited V-Line Edition for the Passat by Volkswagen Accessories represents the establishment of a new premium product line, one that features style, dynamics and innovative strength. The new kit is Volkswagen Accessories' answer for drivers who are looking to add a distinct personal styling touch to their car, one with a visible premium character.

Volkswagen Passat V-Line Package, 1 of 3
Volkswagen Passat V-Line Package, 2 of 3
Volkswagen Passat V-Line Package, 3 of 3

The new aerodynamic package is based on Volkswagen's Moonraker concept for the Passat in the USA. After having caused quite a stir at the SEMA Motor Show in Las Vegas, the project took a mere seven months to complete. In reinterpreting the design, the designers strove to create an enhanced sporty appearance. As a result, when fitted with the V-Line kit, the Passat appears more powerful and dynamic than the standard model. The new front skirt makes a considerable contribution to the appearance with its honeycomb designed air intakes next to and below the licence plate. For even more personality, the middle and side grilled elements are available in contrasting colours. Spreading out, the side sills in the same colour as the car continue the aesthetic design to the rear of the automobile.

The Feel of Motorsport in Everyday Driving At the rear of the body, the Passat V-Line also can't hide its sporty figure: The harmoniously integrated tailgate lip complements and extends the distinct design effect of the side sills. With its intimated air channels on the right and left of the side elements, the rear skirt, together with the ovalshaped double tail pipe trim, delivers the finest in motor sport appearance – ideal for drivers who aren't willing to do without their daily adventure. Partial definition of the rear skirt conveyed by contrasting paint adds even greater impact to the car's bold look.

The Passat V-Line undercarriage also undergoes slight modifications including performance springs that lower the vehicle by 25 to 30 millimetres and suspension travel limiters. Complementing the aerodynamic package, the attractively designed 18-inch Velos alloy wheels come in chrome-silver or titanium colour. The rims are wrapped with Pirelli P Zero R Assimetrico (235/45 ZR 18 tyres) for a racy, dynamic look completing the sporty overall appearance of the car.