On October 19th Volkswagen will introduce the new Polo GTI during a world premiere at the Tokyo Motor Show. With 110 kW / 150 hp it is the strongest Polo since the series was first introduced thirty years ago. The exterior and interior of the powerful compact deliberately bares a resemblance to the legendary Golf GTI. The Polo GTI will be available in select markets starting spring 2006. The price in Germany will be: Euro 18,950.

The GTI trade name is one of the best known brands in the automotive world. In 1998 the last GTI debuted in connection with the Polo. It was 125 hp strong and 205 km/h fast. Now 150 hp and a maximum speed of exactly 216 km/h are reached. Further cornerstones of the new Polo GTI: The 0 to 100 km/h sprint in 8.2 seconds, 229 Nm maximum torque (at 1,950 rpm) and 7.8 liter average fuel consumption.

Just as with the Golf GTI, Volkswagen has equipped the new Polo GTI with a turbo motor and intercooler. Because: if it says GTI it should have the real torque moment characteristic. The Polo GTI features a 1.8 liter five valve-four cylinder providing a potent push from the torque as well as excellent elasticity scores. On board the Polo GTI the fourth gear acceleration from 80 to 120 km/h takes a mere 7.5 seconds. Outside the Polo GTI as well, but it isn't half as much fun.

Volkswagen Polo GTI

Volkswagen Polo GTI, 1 of 4
Volkswagen Polo GTI, 2 of 4
Volkswagen Polo GTI, 3 of 4
Volkswagen Polo GTI, 4 of 4

It a fact that the new Polo GTI is a consistently sporty and safe automobile with extreme crisp driving features and a GTI specific exterior and interior. Look at the exterior: the front of the ‘little' GTI displays the typical radiator grille theme of the ‘big' GTI – black, v-shaped, upper air entry with honeycomb shaped protection grid. The dual headlights are cased in black, just like the standard equipped fog headlights in the outside air vents.

It is no secret that these GTI insignias work best with black, silver or white and most perfectly with red paint. Red are also the front and rear break calipers of the firm gripping wheel disk brakes. The 16 inch alloy wheels, in the style of the Golf GTI, with their five u-shaped openings, look like a stroboscope and make the calipers stand out - even at full speed. The wheels come in the format 205/45 R 16. The tires lunge deep into the wheelhouse; the sport chassis (with standard ESP) is 15 millimeters deeper than the standard derivate. Black side skirts visually underline the dynamic chassis design.

A self-confident rooftop spoiler (with integrated third break light) above the hatchback provides optimum propulsion ratings on the rear axle. Far below that is the chromed plated double exhaust pipe which really looks sharp.

The interior is also in the style of the GTI. As always, the new Polo GTI is equipped with special sport seats and the classic checkered design ‘Interlagos'. Sports steering wheel, gear shift knob and covering as well as the handbrake grip come in leather. A metal type surface visually and sensually enhances the middle console as well as the side vent openings in the cockpit. Fine points such as the red cross-seams on the interior of the steering wheel as well as the red edges of the otherwise black seatbelts show a great love to even the smallest details. The metal embossed shift scheme on the gear shift knob and aluminum foot pedals fit perfectly into the picture.

One doesn't have to miss anything in the Polo GTI just because it's sporty. As usual the operation is perfect, the quality high, the cargo area large (270 to 1,030 liters) and the rear bench flexible (1/3 to 2/3 including foldable seatback). Apart from the tried and tested chassis, a soothing level of passive security is also provided by the front and side airbags; the passenger airbag can be de-activated.

Volkswagen in Japan: The most successful importer for five consecutive years

The Polo GTI is highly anticipated by the Japanese Volkswagen dealers. Then entire series is extremely successful from Tokyo and Osaka. This holds true for the entire Volkswagen brand. Models such as the New Beetle and Golf GTI enjoy cult status. With the ‘Golf GTI Cup Japan' Volkswagen Racing puts on its own racing series. In 2004, Volkswagen was the number one import brand for the fifth year in a row; nearly every fourth new foreign car in Japan was graced by the VW logo. With the brands Audi, Bentley, Lamborghini and Volkswagen, the Volkswagen AG represents the strongest automobile corporation among the importers.

All the data and descriptions included in this press release are valid for the programme of models available for sale in Germany. Different details may apply in other countries. This information may be subject to change or correction.