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In the Auto News Category on Automobiles Review you will find everything that has been published on a daily basis: from various production cars to tunings and concepts. Here you can also easily browse through all previously published articles.

Auto News

when is the right time to start seeking insurance for your car?   

When is the right time to start seeking insurance for your car?  

For a lot of people, dealing with car insurance bureaucracy can be a struggle that is worth trying to avoid. However, car insurance is one of life’s constants; if you own a road vehicle in Britain then Continuous Insurance Enforcement means you are legally required to have insurance to drive, and you are expected to keep it renewed. Leaving it late to renew can lead to you paying hugely inflated rates. The aim therefore is to have your insurance

5 common misconceptions of gap insurance

5 Common Misconceptions of GAP Insurance

Car insurance can sometimes feel like a minefield; finding the right level of cover for your needs can cause much confusion. As a result, many people simply take out basic ‘fully comprehensive’ car insurance, and assume that they are adequately protected. However, it is vital to understand the full extent of your insurance provision to ensure you are sufficiently covered should the worst happen. ‘It Won’t Happen to Me!’ It is easy to be complacent when it comes to your car insurance. Perhaps you have never ha

the all-new vauxhall astra

The All-New Vauxhall Astra

The Vauxhall Astra has been the British car manufacturer’s much-loved family car since its launch in 1979. Today, the model continues to offer dependability, however the latest version delivers a masterclass in slick style. Be sure to book a test drive to see which trim level is for you. Dealers such as Peter Vardy can help you to make your selection. Achieving 2016 European Car of the Year at the Geneva Motor show, this model’s innovative design and contemporary features impressed the judges

nissan reveals details about new 2019 gt-r models

Nissan reveals details about new 2019 GT-R models

Nissan announces details about new 2019 GT-R, which is already on sale at Nissan dealers worldwide. With starting price of $99,990 for 2019 GT-R Pure model, this becomes the most affordable of all four machines in the lineup. So, let’s see what buyers will get for their money. First of all, the GT-R Premium features

honda team begins production of new 2019 passport machines!

Honda team begins production of new 2019 Passport machines!

New Honda Passport joins the award-winning SUV lineup and presents new features and improvements. There were more than 1,500 associates at Honda Manufacturing of Alabama, LLC (HMA) that celebrated the start of mass production of the new 2019 Honda Passport SUV. Available for order early next year, Passport is produced exclusively at HMA and will play an important role in brand’s award-winning SUV lineup. As you might well know, Passport was re

mclaren presents new 720 s spider sports car! check it out!

McLaren presents new 720 S Spider sports car! Check it out!

Mclaren Automotive, the British manufacturer of luxury high-end sports cars and super cars is expanding the Super Series lineup with a convertible model! Meet the new 720S Spider! Already revealed and available for order, new family member has a lot to showcase. So, let’s waste no more time and see what this bad boy is all about! Design The design foundations of the new McLaren Spider incorporate organic forms and elegant lines. In fact, this n

peugeot 2008 suv allure

Peugeot 2008 SUV Allure

Since its launch in 2013, Peugeot’s 2008 has become something of a success story, with over 11,000 units sold annually – a significant leap from the modest 1,500 that was initially predicted. Its appeal is easy to see. The crossover is a class act that offers a combination of practicality and style. And when it comes to mid-trim level Allure, the model strikes the perfect balance of contemporary tech, sleek styling and dynamic performance, making it the ultimate choice for those seeking an SU

chevy team announces details about the upcoming 2020 silverado hd lineup

Chevy team announces details about the upcoming 2020 Silverado HD lineup

2020 Silverado HD will debut this February 2019 and will be the most capable and advanced in the lineup so far. At least, in Chevrolet’s own words. Built in Flint Assembly plant in Flint, Michigan, new family member will showcase sexy exterior design, blended with heavy-duty features. In fact, this will be the only Silverado vehicle to feature exclusive exterior components that aren’t present with previous models. In terms of interior, the vehicl

mercedes team reveals details for the new e-class vehicles

Mercedes team reveals details for the new E-Class vehicles

New E 300 is already available for order and Mercedes team shares specifications for the entry SE trim level. Following on the E 300 de, new E 300 e Saloon is the final machine in the lineup. Something more, it features a hybrid drivetrain system that reveals brand’s determination to expanding the eco-friendly energy.

mercedes-benz announces details about new b-class lineup

Mercedes-Benz announces details about new B-Class lineup

New Mercedes-Benz B-Class is already available to order! With relatively low starting prices and tons of advanced features, this bad boy has a lot to demonstrate! So, let’s check out what customers can get for their money. First of all, there are three models that will be offered – B 180 Sport, B 200 d and B 220 d.

audi presents new e-tron launch edition model

Audi presents new e-tron Launch Edition model

There’s a this saying – camera never lies. And maybe this is why Audi has decided to incorporate two HD cameras in the latest e-tron Launch Edition model that replace the door mirrors. These virtual door mirrors are among the most prominent technological features in the new all-electric Audi machine. In fact, new Launch Editions offer extended list of specifications and standard features that not only raise the overall value of the models, but also contribute to that overall sexiness and all-terrain capability.

2019 hyundai kona is named as one of the finalists at a prestigious event!

2019 Hyundai Kona is named as one of the finalists at a prestigious event!

2019 Hyundai Kona and Kona Electric CUV models were recognized as the top-three finalists for the 2019 North American Utility Vehicle of the Year by North American Car, Utility and Truck of the Year automotive media jury. In fact, this is the first time that Hyundai model has been nominated for the final round of the Utility Vehicle of the Year category. The final winner will be announced at the North American International Auto Show in Detroit t