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Buick News

2013 buick verano turbo us - price $29,990

The 2013 Buick Verano Turbo luxury sedan is priced from $29,990, including a destination charge of $885. The turbocharged Verano has an Ecotec 2.0 litre four-cylinder engine with direct injection and CVVT. It produces 250HP (187 kW) at 5300 rpm and 353 Nm (260 lb-ft.) of torque at 2000 rpm. 0-100 km/h in 6.2 seconds and a top speed of 250 km/h (155 mph). The engine is mated to a 6-speed manual gearbox or 6-speed automatic transmission available as an option. The fuel economy is good – 31 mpg on the h

first teaser for

If you haven’t heard already about the "Black Air: The Buick Grand National Documentary", well it is a 60-minute film about Buick’s premier but paradoxical mid 80's performance car. The film is to be released soon; nevertheless the teaser for it has just been released. The director of the awaited movie is Andrew Filippone Jr., who had the inspiration to create the documentary about the Buick Regal Grand National. It was a strange and pecul

1965 buick riviera piece by egarage

You're sitting there at your kitchen table, bathrobe still on, sipping coffee and casually glancing at the columns on this morning's Financial Times. Life's pretty good when you are a self-made man - Two kids, a house big enough for two more and a BMW 5-series at the drive alley. Not the F10 though. It's an E60 – you have been financially stable for quite a while now and at the time you were buying it, the F10 wasn't out yet. Maybe you'll wait for the next generation as to not appear too shall

buick verano comes to europe under the disguise of 2013 opel astra

2013 Opel Astra Sedan is a notchback based on the GM’s Delta II platform. It was designed initially in US and Asia and at first was included in the Buick Excelle GT and then in Buick Verano. Now, the platform is going to be included in the Atra line-up whixh is scheduled to go on sale in Europe later this month. The new Opel model is going to be offered with literally a wide range of engine choices. In fact, seven powerplants are going to be

2013 buick verano turbo debut

The 2013 Buick Verano Turbo is going on sale later this year as a representative of the company's efforts to downsize it's engine fleet without sacrificing power output. The Verano will get 250 hp from a 2.0-liter engine. “The 2.0L turbo engine was designed for refinement, higher output capabilities and reduced noise,” said Amy Joss, Ecotec 2.0L assistant chief engineer. “The way it sounds, the power delivery and the refined character are all fitting of a luxury sedan with a fun side.

2012 buick regal gs luxury sport sedan at nevada open road challenge

2012 Buick Regal GS luxury sport sedan just won a second place in the 135-mph class of this month’s Nevada Open Road Challenge. It finished within 0.4 seconds of their 40-minute target time. The success was achieved by the Buick team – driver Bill Rietow and navigator John Townsend, which have managed it through right balance between low-speed sections of the course with running the Regal at top speed for a period of time. Of course, th

2013 buick enclave - full specs

Buick has released full information about the new 2013 Enclave crossover. The best-selling three-row luxury crossover comes with new styling, new safety technologies, in-vehicle connectivity and a more refined driving experience. The exterior boasts LED daytime running lamps and LED taillamps complement a more sculpted design The interior is more contemporary, with ambient lighting and IntelliLink in-vehicle communications with touch-screen control and navigation. The industry’s first fr

2013 buick encore with more storage space

The 2013 Buick Encore Small Luxury Crossover will go on sale in early 2013 in the U.S. Regardless of its size however, in the new Buick designers used every space available to make it visually pleasing and useful way. In details, the new Encore offers eight beverage holders, storage in all four doors, four different bins in the dash, pockets in the seatbacks, an available bin beneath the front passenger seat, and even bins under the rear load floor around the spare tire. Deep pockets have been added to each front

buick regal lineup with drivetrain changes

On the new Buick Regal GS will be new automatic transmission and eAssist as a standard, thus making the evolution of Buicks’ Sport Sedan happening. More importantly, the vehicle with the new automatic transmission is already in dealerships. The famous eAssist fuel efficiency technology is also included and as you already understood, it also comes as a standard. The Regal was recently named by the U.S. News and World Report as the “Best Upscale Midsize Car for Families” and as the “Best Car for the Money”.

short preview on next weeks north american international auto show

Everything about this year’s North American International Auto Show will spin around small vehicles. As the population grows big and hence the customers of vehicles too, there is obviously the tendency of making more downsized automobiles. The North American International Auto Show will take place next week in Detroit.  In addition, there will also be a premiere of the automotive world's most eagerly anticipated new vehicle. The North American

2013 encore crossover to join buick

Today is a big day for all Buick fans! If you wonder why and you still haven’t heard the news, well it is the confirmation of Buick of the introduction of the 2013 Encore. The debut of the all-new, five-passenger crossover will take place at the 2012 North American International Auto Show in Detroit. The vehicle named Encore joins the growing family of Buick, which has recently has expanded with the additions of the Verano compact luxury sedan, the Regal GS sport sedan, and fuel-efficient eAss

2012 buick lacrosse 3.6 liter v6

The era of the slow low revving huge American engines faded. GM has introduced a new engine, which will be installed in the 2012 Buick LaCrosse. It is a more powerful and fuel-efficient version of the 3.6 liter V6, which will be a no-additional-cost alternative on select trim levels to the standard 2.4L four-cylinder engine with eAssist. The new aluminum-block 3.6 liter V6 with direct-injection and variable valve timing develops 303PS (223 kW) and 358Nm (264 lb-ft) of torque. All that power i