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new york auto show at a glance. what to expect?

New York Auto Show at a Glance. What to Expect?

Some of the most anticipated automobile brands have recently announced their participation in New York International Auto Show. Mercedes-Benz, Jaguar, Ford, Kia, Scion, Aston Martin and Smart disclose new models and features, that are definately a must see. We told you about most of them, but let us remind why you should be exited. There are many things, that woud be on the world's press. The striking and crushing Vulcan debuted at the Geneva Motor Show. Definately a honorable addition to the luxorious hi-end

jaguar xf revealed via strenuous high-wire journey [videos]

Jaguar XF Revealed via Strenuous High-Wire Journey [VIDEOS]

2016 Jaguar XF has been officially unveiled via a dramatic three minute, 787ft 'high wire' journey. This has happened in London, and specifically at the famous Canary Wharf over the Royal Dock. The person behind the steering wheel was Jim Dowdell, who is a veteran stuntman famous for his Bond, Bourne and Indiana Jones

jaguar xf embarks on dramatic high-wire journey [video]

Jaguar XF Embarks on Dramatic High-Wire Journey [VIDEO]

2016 Jaguar XF has just been announced via a video and two images, one of which reveals its luxury interior. The short film says that on 24th of March something involving the car will be happening. Precisely, the new XF will make a not very typical journey across London and this is great news, because we will see it a

abundant range of features added to jaguar xe [video]

Abundant Range of Features Added to Jaguar XE [VIDEO]

The release of abundant variety of accessories has been just announced for the Jaguar XE model. There are a lot of carbon fiber performance parts and features that are to support the wishes even of the most capricious occupant. The first thing that the customers should decide on is the engine and suspension. In additio

idris elba tests jaguar xe's technology and economical credentials [video]

Idris Elba Tests Jaguar XE's Technology and Economical Credentials [VIDEO]

It’s a driver-focused car! It is the car injected with sophistication, dynamism and spectacular strength! It is the ultimate car! This is the Jaguar XE! On this very day, the automaker showed the final film consisting of several short videos which documented Idris Elba’s epic road trip from London to Berlin in this impressive vehicle. Firstly, the journey begins with XE powered by 2.0-litre i4 diesel which delivers 163 PS (120 kW). Dri

racing cowboys tell us which is

Racing Cowboys Tell Us Which is "World's Fastest Sedan". You Will be Surprised! [VIDEO]

Put six luxury sedans to the test in a three round racing competition in two different states. Although each vehicle has its strengths, only one should be announced “The Fastest Sedan” in the world! And undoubtedly, when one thinks of the world's fastest car, he or she does not imagine luxury sedans. At the same time these beautiful machines run with more and more horsepower nowadays. This is the reason why Racing Cowboys were tempted to p

jaguar's exclusive new model is dubbed xf r-sport black

Jaguar's Exclusive New Model is Dubbed XF R-Sport Black

Jaguar XF has been extended with the brand new trim level dubbed R-Sport Black. In addition, Jaguar will not disappoint customers because there are a lot of improvements featured in the already known trim packages. All models in the XF saloon and Sportbrake range get the Winter Comfort Pack and Parking Pack as standard

jaguar's bike sense technology saves cyclists from potential accidents [video]

Jaguar's Bike Sense Technology Saves Cyclists from Potential Accidents [VIDEO]

Jaguar Land Rover just released a video showing that it is currently developing a range of new technologies. They will utilize colours, sounds and touch inside the car in order to alert drivers in cases of potential hazards. The specific thing about these technologies is that they have been created to prevent accidents only involving bicycles and motorbikes. To go into details, the sensors on the car detect when another road user is approaching.

will the jaguar f-pace be the ultimate sports car? [video]

Will the Jaguar F-Pace be the Ultimate Sports Car? [VIDEO]

The all-new model which will be added to the Jaguar line-up was teased with a short video. The car is named Jaguar F-pace and is set to go on sale in 2016. Basically, this is the made-into-reality version of the well-received Jaguar C-X17 concept car last year. Inspired by the F-type, the 2016 F-pace couples unr

jaguar land rover to develop new concept technologies

Jaguar Land Rover to Develop New Concept Technologies

Focusing on how to improve the driving experience around the busy and hectic city, Jaguar Land Rover is developing innovative technologies such as 360 Virtual Urban Windscreen and Follow-Me Ghost Car Navigation. Their aim is to ensure safer, more convenient and less distracting urban driving. One of the new sys

jaguiar xe offers lowest cost of ownership

Jaguiar XE Offers Lowest Cost of Ownership

With the arrival of Jaguar XE there are going to be some really dynamic innovations and impressive results. In combination with the jaw-dropping look, the new Jaguar is just about to become a class leading vehicle. Jaguar Land Rover UK Managing Director Jeremy Hicks commented that: “People expect Jaguars to feel luxurious, look superb and drive brilliantly, but many wouldn’t necessarily expect a Jaguar to be affordable – but we’ve worked hard to ensure the XE is just that. An enormous amount of eff

jaguar f-type coupe tuned by best cars and bikes

Jaguar F-Type Coupe Tuned by Best Cars and Bikes

BEST Cars & Bikes Company was established in 1997 at Viersen on the Lower Rhine, Germany and it is famous for its high-quality tuning, among many other kinds of services. Nevertheless, the tuner is quite picky for it offers a collaborative work with carefully chosen suppliers only. Part of its working program are bikes, as the title of the company suggests, but it also offers solely rims and exhaust systems which enhance the performance of a certain car. The focus of Best Cars and Bikes has now been directe