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Pagani News

top gear test track summed up

Diehard Top Gear fans remember the times when the power lap board was pretty clean and simple – the Pegani Zonda C12 S took the lead right from the start and dominated the Top Gear Test track for 3 whole seasons. As the episodes rolled however, things sort of got out of hand and it became very hard to follow which is what and when. Recently we stumbled upon a chart which manages to round up all the times achieved and all the information available in a nutshell. Well... quite a big nutshell but

pagani huayra in the making [video]

Here's a Pagani Huayra. Beautiful isn't it? However, when it goes on sale in 2013, prices will start from $1,150,000. I think “Huayra” is the sound one makes upon signing a deal. This is roughly the price of four Lamborghini Aventadors. What are Pagani's arguments on that? Yes, it has an AMG V12, 6.0-liter engine that develops above 700 hp and 1000Nm of torque, it's clever enough to operate, by itself, a set of flaps that can either reduce drag or increase downforce and it will most probably

2012 geneva motor show: pagani huayra carbon edition

Pagani has exhibited the special Huayra Carbon Edition at the 2012 Geneva Motor Show. The bespoke model boats naked carbon fiber body. Furthermore, the interior is also from naked carbon fiber. It is powered by a 6.0 liter bi-turbo V12 with 710PS (522 kW) and 1000Nm (737 lb-ft) of torque. The engine is mated to an X

pagani huayra on the road [video]

Pagani Huayra is a real hyper car as you will see in the video provided by EVOTV. Huayra is powered by an AMG 6.0 liter twin-turbo V12 coupled with XTRAC 7-speed sequential transmission. The total power is 720BHP (530 kW) and 1000Nm (740 lb-ft) of torque. 0 to 100 km/h in 3.3 seconds and a top speed of 378 km/h (235 mph). The interior includes premium leather upholstery, milled aluminum components and a lot of carbon fiber trim. There are also a touchscreen infotainment system and Bluetoot

pagani huayra roadster will go in production

If you are interesting in Pagani’s history, you will notice that firstly they introduce a “low” powerful coupe sports car, after that it is turn to a convertible version and for desert, the company releases brutal version of the sports coupe. This history repeats with Huayra. After introducing Huayra supercar, Pagani will release a Huayra Roadster in several years. The model is scheduled to be launched in 2013 or 2014. The engine will be the same – 6.0 liter bi-turbo V12 with 700PS (515 kW) and 1000Nm (7

pagani huayra in italy [video]

Pagani Huayra was exhibited in Italy directly on the city street of Castelfranco Emilia. The video is taken close to Pagani's facility, during the 10th annual "Motori e Sapori" event. The clip is offered in High-definition resolution, either in 720p or 1080p, so you can see every single detail of the staggering car in perfect quality. However, the exhibited car is not the same the one shown at the Geneva Auto Show. Once again, Pagani Huayra is powered by a 6.0 liter bi-turbo V12 with 71

Pagani has officially unveiled the new Huayra supercar in Geneve. 1350kg, 710PS and 1000Nm of torque are the perfect ingredients for an astonishing car. When you combine that with luxurious interior, you get Huayra. Pagani Huayra is named after Quechua word for “wind”. It is powered by AMG 6.0 liter twin-turbo V12 coupled with XTRAC 7-speed sequential transmission. 0 to 100 km/h in 3.3 seconds and a top speed of 370 km/h (230 mph). Price - €1 000 000. Pagani Huayra will be al

Finally, Pagani Huayra made its official debut at the Geneva Motor Show. The supercar is named after Quechua word for "wind" and it is as fast as wind. All that power comes from AMG 6.0 liter twin-turbo V12 with 710PS (522 kW) and 1000Nm (737 lb-ft). When you combine it with weight of 1350 kg and XTRAC 7-speed sequential transmission the result is staggering. 0 to 100 km/h in 3.3 seconds and a top speed of 370 km/h (230 mph). The interior matches to the exterior. Inside, the car boasts pre

Great news! Pagani will deliver the new Huayra to the United States later this year. Because of the huge interest, the company will begin setting up a dealer network in the US in the next few months. "This automobile is the result of five years of dedicated effort from the Pagani team and we see this (U.S. market entry) as an unprecedented opportunity to continue expanding our vision of the future for the supercar industry," commented Horatio Pagani. Because the Zonda didn't meet US safety

Pagani has officially revealed Huayra, which will make its public debut at the 2011 Geneva Motor Show. The strange name comes from the god of wind and the car is really as fast as a hurricane. The engine is 6.0 liter bi-turbo V12 with 710PS (522 kW) and 1000Nm (737 lb-ft) of torque. The power plant is mated to an XTRAC 7-speed sequential transmission which weighs 96 kg (212 lbs) and is mounted transversely behind the engine. The overall weight of Huayra is 1 350 kg (2 975 lb) and the accel

In response to the recently growing speculations regarding the engine of the upcoming supersports addition C9 by the Italian auto-maker Pagani, the brand has officially announced that the unit, which will be fitted in the ride is definitely not a derivative of the AMG V12 engine developed for the SL65 Black Series, nor is the AMG V12 engine in the SL65 Black Series. Yes, the powerplant is developed by AMG, the high-performance arm of Mercedes-Benz, but is engineered specifically for the Pagani C9, due to its hig

Because of the world economic crisis, all prices go up as well as the track fees for Nurburgring circuit in Germany. A full lap around the track known as the Nordschleife for the new season will cost €24 ($32). The circuit has 170 curves and measures 25.378 km (15.77 miles) in distance. In other words, we have to pay €2 more for each lap. The package prices will also go up - a 15-lap can will cost €310 ($415) and 25 laps are €470 ($629). A season pass will be available for €1