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2016 batmobile is here to serve some justice! [video]

2016 Batmobile Is Here to Serve Some Justice! [VIDEO]

It is here! Finally, the latest Batmobile is here! Well, it has been unveiled for a long time, but now it is available for public to take a close look at it. legendary in every aspect, the car has been Batman's most trustworthy accomplice since his early years. And for his 75 years of serving justice, the superhero has had them all: stylish and elegant-looking, aggressive and muscular, hi-tech and sporty. And now the time of the latest concept has come. The vehicle, especially created to aid the

the latest batmobile made debut at licensing expo in las vegas!

The Latest Batmobile Made Debut at Licensing Expo in Las Vegas!

Batman movies have always been known for two things: with the one of the most popular badass characters and for his vehicles, known as Batmobiles. And it is a sort of a tradition to demonstrate a new kind of Batmobile with every new Batman movie. And now, for the latest release, Batman Vs Superman: Dawn of Justice, we see yet another stunning piece of art. We all have seen only single shots of the vehicle, but today the latest Batmobile made a big public debut at Licensing Expo in Las Vegas.

1963 batmobile sold for $137,000 at heritage auctions [video]

1963 Batmobile Sold for $137,000 at Heritage Auctions [VIDEO]

In the beginning of last week we told you that the original 1963 Batmobile went on sale at Heritage Auctions. Well, now the car is sold this Saturday and the lucky owner has spent only $137,000 USD for it. This is only a tiny fraction of the $4.2 million that a buyer paid last year for another version built for the television show that aired during the 1960s.This Batmobile was born in 1963 and was developed by Forrest Robinson. The story begins with a design sketch in 1960 and then an actual bui

original 1963 batmobile on sale at heritage auctions [video]

Original 1963 Batmobile on Sale at Heritage Auctions [VIDEO]

The officially licensed Batmobile was born in 1963 and was developed by Forrest Robinson. The story begins with a design sketch in 1960. After finishing it, Robinson and Len Perham, begun building the car in the Robinson family barn. Then, the completion of the car continued in 1963, which is exactly two years before the George Barris customization of the TV Batmobile was started. This basically means that the "'63 Batmobile" is the earliest known car in existence that was sanctioned by a DC

more pictures of the future batmobile revealed

More Pictures of the Future Batmobile Revealed

Probably there isn’t almost anyone reading this who hasn’t watched at least one of the Batman movies. And since the director Zack Snyder is currently filming the last one, starring Ben Affleck as Batman himself, the enthusiasts and fans are eager to know everything around it. The latest news that Snyder has uncovered via his official Twitter account is couple of pictures giving additional glimpse of the Batmobile. The exclusive vehicle, which helped the superhero save lives and make history,

Batmobile will be a part of Historics at Brooklands auction

One of the most iconic and distinctive film cars of all time is the Batmobile. It will be a part of Historics at Brooklands auction in Surrey on June 2 this year. Mark Perkins, who is one of Historics’ investors, owns the car since 1988. “Classic cars, and this one in particular, should be driven to be enjoyed, and I’ve loved taking it on the road over the years.  However, my work with Historics at Brooklands will leave me little time to do so in the future, and so sadly it’s time someone

Barris Kustom opens new chapter with its 2010 Chevrolet Camaro Spirit

At the Community Chevrolet - one of the oldest Chevrolet dealerships in California – this weekend, George Barris himself presented the first Barris Kustom 2010 Chevrolet Camaro “Spirit”. The highly modified “kustom”-styled 2010 Camaro represents a huge step in the availability of unique rides from the renowned Barris Kustom American cars design house. George Barris said…“Barris Kustom has entered a new chapter by delivering affordable “kustom” vehicles direct to the dealer showroom.” Barri