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what happens when you change bmw m3’s v8 with m5’s v10? here’s the answer!

What Happens When You Change BMW M3’s V8 with M5’s V10? Here’s the Answer!

Alpha-N Performance has delivered the second tuning we are showing you today. This time under the spotlight is the adorable and favorited BMW M3. The tuners engaged in the development of carbon-fibre styling package and performance upgrade here, thus making the car with better visual characteristics and more motorsport oriented. The BT92 Aero Kit and More Starting with the carbon-fiber aero pack, it contributes for M3’s new and more muscular forms. To go into details, the BT92 aerodynamic kit

b&b automobiltechnik shows how to boost performance of bmw m4/m3

B&B Automobiltechnik Shows How to Boost Performance of BMW M4/M3

B&B Automobiltechnik has created a special comprehensive performance package not for one but two models of the BMW M family. We are talking about the M3 (F80) and M4 (F82), and the particular illustrated example is BMW M4 Convertible. The pack is broad and features a lot of tweaks for the engine and the handing. The main goal is to boost as much as possible the performance and driving capabilities of the car. How to Boost Performance? If you have ever wondered about the ways to boost the p

the reasons behind the 450 horsepower of this bmw m3 e90 by mr car design

The Reasons Behind the 450 Horsepower of this BMW M3 E90 by MR Car Design

We haven’t heard about MR Car Design for a long time now. In fact it has been almost two years since we wrote about a project made by the tuners. It seems that during this time the ambitious car freaks did not stop the hard work. In fact their latest project looks fantastic and features exclusive changes to some vital parts. Under the attention of the talented tuning company is the fourth generation BMW M3 E90. It was initially under a Clubsport transformation, and it was time for MR Car Desi

bmw competition package is about to make your m4/m3 complete

BMW Competition Package is About to Make Your M4/M3 Complete

BMW M3 Sedan, M4 Coupe and M4 Convertible are receiving the best gift for the New Year. The drivers of those models will have the chance to enhance them with the unlimited (almost) BMW Competition Package. The additional equipment will not only make their car look sportier, but will also enhance the dynamics even further. This means that besides the extensive handling upgrades, the pack also adds styling features and raises the power output to 444 hp. This extra power links of course to impro

pp exclusive and liberty walk unite for monstrous bmw m3-based tuning

PP Exclusive and Liberty Walk Unite for Monstrous BMW M3-Based Tuning

Last time we have heard about a project by PP Exclusive was nearly 3 years ago. Now I am very glad to introduce you to their latest tuning, which is based on the BMW M3 E92 model and on top of that features Liberty Walk widebody kit. Take a look at the pictures an you’ll see how menacing this beast-like machine looks. Right? The details here aren’t many but they are definitely worthy of telling. So how were those two tuning worlds involved in the same project? Basically, PP Excluive decided t

contrast is everywhere. including vorsteiner bmw m3 e92

Contrast is Everywhere. Including Vorsteiner BMW M3 E92

Vorsteiner decided to make some magic to the BMW M3 E92 model. The particular car they have worked with comes in the classic Alpine White exterior color, so they had the opportunity to create a stunning contrast with a few additional details and parts. And it seems that although each of these elements individually stands out, when brought together they create a result that is just right as if it was always meant to be. Vorsteiner Body Kit ‘Contrast’ could be a synonym to Vorsteiner’s body kit

kbr motorsport and the fierce bmw m3 clubsport

KBR Motorsport and the Fierce BMW M3 Clubsport

KBR Motorsport is a name we do not hear very often. This time the tuner is related with BMW and specifically with the M3 Clubsport model. The car was subject to a total transformation: starting with the interior, continuing to the external appearance and ending with the engine boost. As a result, KBR made an entirely sports car, full of thirst for motorsport experiences. Weight Loss? The interior of the 2013 M3 Coupe was entirely stripped down. And therefore the most logical thing to do wa

revozport bmw m4 exemplifies the best way to boost your m-series

RevoZport BMW M4 Exemplifies the Best Way to Boost Your M-Series

BMW M3 and M4 are probably examples of the most praised German cars around the world. And when it comes to M series, BMW enthusiasts always go crazy, don’t they? This is beneficial especially for tuning companies, because they always offer help when it comes to making the most individual, the best looking and most performance-capable car. The same counts for the enhancement program that just has been released by RevoZport. The experts have created a special RZ-Performance aerokit for the BMW

g-power bmw m3 comes with tremendous torque results!

G-POWER BMW M3 Comes with Tremendous Torque Results!

2015 G-POWER BMW M3 F80 can pump out 560 horsepower and 720 Newton meters of torque. The reason for this is that the famous M3 series have received in-house developed Bi-Tronik 2 V2 remap. The difference here is that unlike generic remaps, this one is customized for the original control unit in the particular vehicle on the pictures below. Bi-Tronik 2 V2 Package for the G-POWER BMW M3 What does this mean? The BMW M3 can now actually achieve maximum all-round performance enhancement. As a matte

bmw 3 series family gets minor updates for 2016 model year

BMW 3 Series Family Gets Minor Updates for 2016 Model Year

The updated BMW 3 Series cars are here. There are minor updates throughout the range, but still the emblematic car family look stunning. The 3 Series has been an icon for over 40 year and in its sixth generation it continues to set standards for design, dynamic excellence and efficiency. New for the 2016 model year are some changes in the design, the advanced technologies featured and some engine range. Available in sedan and touring forms, I must admit that the 3 Series are more attractive than

g-power bmw m3 gains more horses

G-Power BMW M3 Gains More Horses

G-Power specialists are mostly known for their exceptional BMW tunings and it is not a secret that they prefer to work on the M series. But who wouldn’t? The buzz around them is that they have revised their supercharger program for the V8-powered M3 model, thus making it gain 20 horses. But there is more to that. This new program also counts those who have already added a supercharger system. The benefits for them are the biggest, since they can enhance the power output of their BMW to 630 hp.

this is carlex design bmw m3 the black spinell!

This is Carlex Design BMW M3 the Black Spinell!

Carlex Design could be understood as a signifier for some of the finest interiors ever made. Cars which have gone under the hands of the Carlex experts arrive with fancy, elegant and stylish looks which can outshine any other in market. The most recent project of the tuner is a BMW M3 model which is called the Black Spinell. The choice of name is rather intriguing because the black spinel, in particular, represents a gemstone and is one of the rarest spinels in the world. An interesting f