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2013 bmw m3 coupe frozen limited edition offered in three colour choices

2013 BMW M3 Coupe Frozen Limited Edition Offered in Three Colour Choices

2013 BMW M3 Coupe Frozen Limited Edition will be offered in three unique exterior colours. All of them will carry the name Frozen and will be exactly Frozen red, Frozen white and Frozen blue. For the first time in the history of the brand the Frozen LE is offered in exterior color choices. In addition, the interior will sport black extended Novillo leather with contrasting stitching which will match the exterior color. In details, the M3 Coupe Frozen LE will include the following features:

bmw m3 gt2 art car at norwegian cliff [hd video]

BMW M3 GT2 Art Car at Norwegian cliff [HD video]

BMW actually brought a real M3 GT2 art car on the cliffs of Preikestolen in Norway. The car was airlifted after two days waiting for weather that would allow them to put the specially painted car by Jeff Koons. There is no real reason for this strange photoshoot, but the photographer gathered all the visitors on the cliff around the car and done the pictures. BMW M3 GT2 is a high-performance sports car created specially for racing at events like 24 Le Mans. It is powered by naturally a

g-power work on a bmw 1m coupe

G-POWER Work on a BMW 1M Coupe

A substantial upgrade for the BMW 1M Coupe is now available at G-Power central. There's an increase in power, there's a suspension tweak and there's some eye candy. The main point here is that now a 1M Coupe is more powerful than it's bigger brother – the M3. That's 435 horsepower and 590 Newton meters of torque (15 hp and 195 Nm more than the M3). That immediately takes us to the question of speed. The G-Power 1M eats up 100 km/h in just 4.5 seconds. The top speed has been upped to 300 km/h.

bmw e92 m3 crash [hd video]

BMW E92 M3 Crash [HD video]

Rear wheel drive and V8 in front is very bad combination, especially when the road conditions are severe. This is about to learn the driver of BMW E92 M3 in the video below. After fast overtaking of another vehicle on the right, the BMW runs into a large patch of water, causing the car to spin and hit the center divider. Although the BMW has an intelligent Dynamic Stability Control safety system, it can’t help wreckless drivers, who drive with over 100 mph on wet roads. Despite the severity o

2014 bmw m3 f80 [render pictures]

2014 BMW M3 F80 [Render pictures]

More renderings of the upcoming BMW M3 F80 have been released by Bimmerpost. The sports saloon is extremely aggressive and stylish. It is expected sometime in 2014, but nothing is confirmed, yet.The car comes with aerodynamics package including new front bumper and apron, some styling elements from the anticipated 1M and the M6 - style air vents with fins at the top and an upwardly angled top line from the big coupe and styled air curtain vent styling and position from the 1-Series ///M.There ar

alpha-n bmw e92 m3

Alpha-N BMW E92 M3 "Multifunction Toy"

Being awfully close to the Nürburgring, the guys at Alpha-N feel compelled to come up with something that will look good on the Nürburgring. That's where this M3 comes into place. It's been designed to appeal the people who spend their salary on petrol and track days. From every angle it looks like a proper sports car – a carbon racing spoiler with vents that channel air to the brakes and a carbon rear diffuser that presses down the back end cooperatively with that giant back wing. Add to tha

sexy blonde high speed getaway supercharged 620hp bmw m3 v8 [hd video]

Sexy Blonde High Speed Getaway Supercharged 620HP BMW M3 V8 [HD video]

Here is a very nice video by vividracing, who has combined two of the most desirable things on Earth – a sexy blonde girl in a tight black dress and a powerful Supercharged BMW E90 M3. The car is boosted to whopping 620HP thanks to a VF Engineering supercharger kit. The M3 also comes with a complete Vorsteiner aero package including front and rear aprons as well as a pair of side skirts. Among the upgrades, you’ll also find a custom Lamborghini green Brembo big brake kit behind the enormous V

bmw m3 wrapped by cam shaft and more

BMW M3 Wrapped by CAM SHAFT and More

A silver painted...sorry...wrapped BMW M3. It's the latest work from the German based Cam Shaft company. And it's not really silver if we have to be honest: “mat space-gray metallic” is what they've told us. The foil itself is from the brand Bruxafol and is described as Platinum Wrapping Film. All may sound like fancy talk, but underneath the Guerilla M3 (that's how they called it) is not what you call ordinary. No, this M3 is a complex blend of custom parts that bring up some of the biggest

vorsteiner gtrs5 bmw m3

Vorsteiner GTRS5 BMW M3

With a grand gesture of their own, Vorsteiner bid farewell to the E92 BMW series. It's the latest generation of GTRS programes – the Vorsteiner GTRS5 for the BMW M3. It's pretty much the same as the last one, the GTRS3, but Vorsteiner say that the difference is in the details. The lower front bumper now has more vents for an even more efficient air-flow. The fins of the diffuser at the back longer than before thus providing greater downforce. There are also vertical vents on the sides of the

2012 bmw m3 and m5 uk - performance editions

2012 BMW M3 and M5 UK - Performance Editions

BMW has announced two exclusive new M Performance Editions. The cars are based on the latest BMW E92 M3 and BMW F10 M5, which will be available only in UK priced at £74 080 OTR and at £95 140, respectively. Showcasing BMW Individual, these M Performance Editions will bring three new Frozen paint colours to the UK for the first time; BMW Individual Japan Red with a Frozen Red wrap, BMW Individual Frozen White and BMW Individual Frozen Blue.  All are on sale now. To complement the striking exte

2014 bmw m3 sedan [render] - f80

2014 BMW M3 sedan [render] - F80

Wildspeed has released a new version of the 2014 BMW M3 F80. The sports saloon features an aggressive design influenced by the more recent offerings by the M Division – the new M5 F10 and M6.There are a lot of rumors that the new M3 will come with a twin-turbo V6, which will ruin a lot of the car’s reputation, so probably the manufacturer will keep the tradition with an in-line six-cylinder power plant. The power will be around 435HP and 550Nm of torque, which will make it the most powerful M3 m

bmw m3 e46 with 450hp by g-power

BMW M3 E46 with 450hp by G-POWER

By today's standards, it's an antique. A ten-year old dinosaur. A car that uses coal for fuel. Okey, so we got a bit carried over here. It's the BMW M3 E46 – a generation before the latest one. Don't be deceived though. G-POWER, the guys who got their hands on it, say it is now more powerful than the current V8 powered M3. The performance package installed is called the SK I „SPORTY DRIVE“ and if the figures they give are correct, the word “sporty” is a massive understatement – 450 hp and 460