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dte system ensures 706hp output for a lucky bmw m5 competition model

DTE System ensures 706hp output for a lucky BMW M5 Competition model

BMW M5 Competition is the new performance-focused version of the sporty sedan. Geared with a 4.4-liter twin-turbo V8 engine, the extra-powerful drivetrain system offers a total of 625hp and 553lb.ft of torque. Sweet, ain’t it? However, DTE Systems team thinks that there could be even more power incorporated in the M5 Competition. And as a result of installing a PowerControl RX and PedalBox+ gadgets, engineers have managed to achieve 706hp and 656lb.ft of total power output. Definitely a worth

dte systems installs powercontrol function on a lucky bmw m5 machine

DTE Systems installs PowerControl function on a lucky BMW M5 machine

BMW M5 is a vehicle of great power and dynamics, even when we talk about stock models. The agility becomes even more when tuners decide to have a tweak here and there and present all kinds of goodies and upgrades for brand’s most successful model so far. And this is exactly the case with DTE Systems’ latest tuning project – let’s find out more! Mighty in performance and elegant at the same time, the revised M5 First Edition features fresh new tuning box PowerControl RX for high-performance en

g-power reveals new m5 revised model. check it out!

G-POWER reveals new M5 revised model. Check it out!

There’s a new star that joins the rank of high-power sedans – Back when BMW presented the new M5 F90 with twin-turbo V8 that generates a total of 600hp and exclusive Mspecific four-wheel drive installed for the first time in a BMW machine, everyone was excited about brand’s intentions and capabilities, but no one has expected that G-POWER team would tweak the vehicle in an unprecedented way. G-POWER experts, who have been specializing for more than 35 years in upgrading and enhancing BMW M mo

speed-buster team refines a sporty bmw f90 model

Speed-Buster team refines a sporty BMW F90 model

BMW M5 remains brand’s most successful and recognizable model. The large sedan has always offered incredible performance and premium features at the same time. And the most recent model, the F90 continues the tradition to deliver high performance rates and some sporty vibes: it comes with a large 4.4-liter twin-turbo V8 unit that generates a total of 600hp and 750Nm that allow the F90 to chase a top speed of 309km/h. However, SPEED-BUSTER team has managed to make some changes and improvements th

manhart team upgrades a lucky bmw m5 f90 machine

MANHART team upgrades a lucky BMW M5 F90 machine

BMW M5 F90 is a sexy vehicle. There’s no doubt in that. However, German BMW specialists, MANHART Performance decided to take a closer look and present us a better version of the F90. It is called MH5 700 and featres numerous super cool features that are worth the check out! Firstd of all, the MH5 700 is now powered by a 4.4-liter Biturbo V8 unit, already popular from the current X M models. MANHART team has put their exclusive ECU inside and has managed to pump up the output to the outstandin

noelle motors team showcases a massive upgrade for bmw m5

Noelle Motors team showcases a massive upgrade for BMW M5

The current generation of M5 vehicles is considered to be one of the pinnacle engineering solutions that BMW delivers to its customers. In fact, the latest unit generates a total of 600hp via its twin-turbo V8 power unit. However, there are still people who do not satisfy themselves with the stock packaging. Such are the good gentlemen at noelle motors that specialize in upgrading BMW vehicles. SEE ALSO: Hyundai reveals new Veloster units. Check them out! And now the prestigious tuning studio

bmw team showcases m5 competition models

BMW team showcases M5 Competition models

BMW team has launched the new 2019 BMW M5 Competition Sedan. Along with the recently announced M2 Competition Coupe model, the luxurious machine has a lot to demonstrate. And given that BMW is in dominating position in the global automobile market, we do expect that the team would continue to impress us with high quality and advanced technologies. Design Of course, this one is pure BMW family member – it features menacing expression, muscular stance and aggressive silhouette. What makes it

bmw m5 becomes even more appealing. credits go to jms team!

BMW M5 Becomes Even More Appealing. Credits Go To JMS Team!

JMS Fahrzeugteile GmbH expands its special lineup with a aerodynamic pak for the latest BMW 5-series. This upgrade is available both for vehciles with M Sport Package and without it. The first pack, the one that includes M Sport Pack, comes with special JMS spoiler lip and rear underbody diffuser. This one is also available for the Touring models. Sweet. Additional upgrades for M5 with M Sport pack include rear bootlid spoiler and Racelook side skirts. There are also exhaust cut outs that all

3ddesign and carbonfiber dynamics teams took a closer look to a lucky m5 model. check out the result!

3DDesign and Carbonfiber Dynamics teams took a closer look to a lucky M5 model. Check out the result!

Carbonfiber Dynamics, Europe's largest distributor of exclusive carbon parts proudly shows its latest creation: the BMW F10 M5. What is so special about this sweetie is that it showcases the highest stage of evolution in the world of carbon-fiber technology. Sounds coo to me. So, what do we got here? A pack with front lip, side sills, diffuser and spoiler all created exclusively by 3DDesign in Japan. As you know, 3DDesign is well known among BMW circles as one of the most capable and famous t

speed-buster celebrates the 30th anniversary of bmw m5 with unique tuning program

SPEED-BUSTER celebrates the 30th anniversary of BMW M5 with unique tuning program

SPEED-BUSTER offers comprehensive power upgrade for the entire BMW M5 range BMW 5-Series is 44 years old! Can you believe that? It is almost impossible to grasp that one of the most iconic models in BMW’s lineup has debuted back in 1972 and ever since then it has been praised as being one of the best middle class prestige saloons. Fourteen years later, in 1986, BMW released an M version (M5) of the model, topping a 286 hp of performance and taking the crown as the fastest production saloo

cadillac works on 2016 cts-v model

Cadillac works on 2016 CTS-V model

The Cadillac CTS-V has been around for nearly 10 years now. Launched back in 2004 as a high-performance version of the CTS sedan it targeted other fast cars such as the BMW M5 and the Mercedes-Benz E63 AMG. Coming at first with a powerful 5.7-liter LS6, V8 engine for 400 HP (294 kW) of power and 395 lb-ft (535 Nm) of torque, the Cadillac CTS-V was upgraded in 2006, receiving a 6.0-liter LS2 engine with the same power but a better torque range. More changes were applied in 2008 with the secon

project blue deluge: ind bmw f10 m5 in yas marina blue

Project Blue Deluge: iND BMW F10 M5 In Yas Marina Blue

iND BMW F10 M5 comes in exquisite Yas Marina Blue exterior paint scheme and we must say it looks incredibly beautiful! IND made its own initial testing of the M5. The tests proved that this car is an incredibly competent track monster, and at the same time docile and polite street car. The staff at IND re-tooled the M5 project to what it is today: a street-driven, turn key test bed for all of the best components available for the F10 M5. They have kept many of the original components: AMS dow