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petrolicious: time machine [video]

Petrolicious: Time Machine [VIDEO]

Have you ever wondered what a car’s life would be like? Of course, I don’t expect from you a positive answer, but just a rising interest of what it is all about. If I have done this, then you should definitely watch this video, where the fellows from Petrolicious follow one Peugeot through its circle of life. The video below tells the story of Venisio Pagani from Cortona, who’s passion is to restore old cars that have history and stand out from the crowd immediately. He shows a Peugeot which

petrolicious: when outrageous was possible

Petrolicious: When Outrageous Was Possible

The new project Petrolicious is gaining more popularity because the crew is working hard to deliver to all fans of vintage cars excellent footages of some of the rarest model. Such one is Lamborghini Countach, the story of which you can hear in the first seconds of the video below. This model of Lamborghini debuted back in the distant 1971 and as the owner James Chen admits it was an “outrageous” car. Because it is not very organic, and in fact it has origami-like forms, it looks very aggress

petrolicious: man of morgan

Petrolicious: Man of Morgan

A new exciting project has just gone live and its name is Petrolicious. The web platform will focus on high quality content for vintage cars and the people working behind the project are promising some great stuff coming down the line. A new video will air once a week starting with the one below named “Man of Morgan”. The story it tells is about Derek Wilburn of Long Beach, California, who is a collector of many things and of Morgan’s history. In fact you will see in the footage that his h

depth of speed: back to life [video]

Depth of Speed: Back To Life [VIDEO]

We are always awaiting the next Depth of Speed video passionately! This time Josh Clason has made an incredible footage about a legendary car which was so uniquely transformed that no one could possible imagine that this is achievable. Joel, the owner of a 1982 Volkswagen Rabbit, entirely modified his car implementing an interesting theme and details onto it. For example the leather hood straps were made from belts. The steering wheel was wrapped in leather and the emblems were hand-painted.

depth of speed: something from nothing [video]

Depth Of Speed: Something From Nothing [VIDEO]

Josh Clason form Depth of Speed had the opportunity to swing by TBC Hot Rods and Bikes in Fayetteville, NC. He not only checked out their shop, but made an excellent video about one of the most inspiring professions on Earth. In the video below, you will find out why Tim Bradham loves his work so much, what inspires him to keep doing it, and you will eventually enjoy the view of some of the cars the shop has made so far. Tim Bradham is a master fabricator, who creates a lot of things out o

1964 chevrolet corvair van: high mileage [video]

1964 Chevrolet Corvair Van: High Mileage [VIDEO]

Another great story told by Depth of Speed. This time on the spot is the 1964 Chevrolet Corvair van, which is being driven by John Jackson. With this vehicle Jackson has undergone more than 170 000 miles in only 4 years. In fact, Jackson himself is involved in the automotive industry. He is one of the guys who make the great images of the cars we are always delighted to see. In this short film he shares what is the feeling to travel across the entire country in search of cool hot rods and bik

nissan skyline: taking the plunge [video]

Nissan Skyline: Taking the Plunge [VIDEO]

The breath-taking Nissan Skyline is the latest addition to the Depth of Speed inspiring episodes. Depth of Speed was created with the aim to bring the greatest stories from the automotive world to the genera public. In other words, everything resolves around the passion, depth, and love that the automotive world brings. This video portrays the enthusiasm and adoration which this remarkable version of Nissan Skyline has created in its owner. The owner - Eric Bauer, had made this Nissan