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Lamborghini Aventador Tag
dmc lamborghini aventador lp700 dieci in kuwait

DMC Lamborghini Aventador LP700 DIECI In Kuwait

German Luxury Refiner DMC is probably the best tuning company that is specialized in the modification of Lamborghini supercars. The present project once again shows the premium craftsmanship that the team delivers. The brand have sold so far 50 Aventador tuning kits on average, and now shows something more special - the Special Edition LP700 DIECI. The latter word is an Italian one and means ten. It is not a random name as one might guess. The 10th DMC LP700 Kit will receive a special extr

the fiery spirit of print tech lamborghini aventador

The Fiery Spirit Of Print Tech Lamborghini Aventador

The car wrapping specialists at Print Tech have given their best at this current project. The have transformed a previously black Lamborghini Aventador into an orange-red-chrome beast. Least to say is that this Lamborghini now looks absolutely breathtaking and is more unique than ever. This truly amazing color was achieved via the utilization of a Centurion-Foil. To contrast the fiery exterior, only the top and some plastic pieces have been wrapped by black foil. In addition, the rims of t

2013 frankfurt international motor show: hamann nervudo based on lamborghini aventador

2013 Frankfurt International Motor Show: Hamann Nervudo based on Lamborghini Aventador

Hamann has exhibited their Nervudo at the Frankfurt Motor Show. The insane project is based on Lamborghini Aventador. The manufacturer in Laupheim, Germany refines the Italian sports car using their own independent body concept and still manages to add some performance as well. The exterior of Nervudo boasts a new new front bumper, two front spoilers and aerodynamic side skirts. There are also a new engine cover, a roof-mounted scoop and a big rear wing for additional down force. Other up

lamborghini veneno to make north american debut at pebble beach

Lamborghini Veneno To Make North American Debut At Pebble Beach

This year the luxury brand Lamborghini is celebrating its 50th Anniversary. For this occasion the company will host the North American debut of its ‘one-off’ Veneno show car at the annual Pebble Beach Automotive Week. Next to the unique model will be also on display the first-ever prototype of the Italian brand – the 1963 Lamborghini 350 GTV. As a matter of fact, Lamborghini Veneno has a price tag of $4 Million. It generates the astonishing 750 horsepower (552 kW) thanks to its twelve-cylinde

dmc releases images of its third lamborghini aventador lp900 sv spezial version

DMC Releases Images Of Its Third Lamborghini Aventador LP900 SV Spezial Version

The German Luxury Tuner DMC introduced on 12th of December their stunning and extreme project - the DMC Lamborghini Aventador LP900 SV (Spezial Version). Now, the specialists are aiming even higher, because they are releasing a new SV kit, which comes to build on the sound basis of the previous tuning package. The high-tech manufacturer has transformed the Italian super-sports car with German perfection - dramatic appearance, efficient technology. More importantly, what makes the kit even mor

world premiere for novitec torado lamborghini aventador

World premiere for NOVITEC TORADO Lamborghini Aventador

NOVITEC tuning company has just unveiled its exclusive refinement for the latest Lamborghini Aventador. The NOVITEC TORADO Lamborghini Aventador is more exquisite than ever thanks to the aerodynamic-enhancement kit, which was especially developed in the wind tunnel. Other highlights are the high-tech forged wheels, the engine tuning thanks to which the car produces 1000 hp, high-performance exhaust system with electronic sound management, a coil-over suspension and exclusive interior options.

dmc lamborghini lp700 molto veloce photographed by jordan chong

DMC Lamborghini LP700 Molto Veloce Photographed By Jordan Chong

DMC Lamborghini LP700 Molto Veloce is equipped with the stunning package delivered by the luxury tuning brand which strengthens even more the capabilities of the iconic vehicle. One of the latest cars released is the presented matte blue MV, which was chosen by Malaysian artist Jordan Chong for a series of unique photos. This Lamborghini immediately stands out, not only because it is equipped with the DMC styling package, but also because the owner of the car decided to wrap the original oran

hot: dmc lamborghini aventador featured in victoria secret video

HOT: DMC Lamborghini Aventador Featured In Victoria Secret Video

The hot summer days are coming as the days go by and the latest video of Victoria Secret “speaks” exactly about this. Undoubtedly, no one needs a reason to watch VS’s videos, but this one is absolutely worth the attention. The reason for this is that the director of “2013 Very Sexy” - Michael Bay, has decided to include a very special “guest” in it, which perfectly contributes for the increase of temperatures. And if you have already watched the video, maybe you have spotted the masterful DMC

2014 lamborghini aventador lp720-4 50 anniversario edition with premiere in shanghai

2014 Lamborghini Aventador LP720-4 50 Anniversario Edition With Premiere In Shanghai

2014 Lamborghini Aventador LP720-4 50 Anniversario Edition is a very special version of the famous model which comes to mark its fiftieth anniversary. Lamborghini will produce only hundred examples of the Anniversario Edition, thus making it even more desirable and unique. The supersports car is equipped with a tweaked engine that generates 20 hp more than the standard Aventador L700-4's 6.5-liter V12 unit. This means that it delivers a total of 710 hp (522 kW). The acceleration time here is

dmc lamborghini aventador lp900 sv spezial version

DMC Lamborghini Aventador LP900 SV Spezial Version

DMC Lamborghini Aventador LP900 SV Spezial Version is the continuation of the already famous project of the German tuners and in fact it is the Stage 2 of the performance upgrades they have prepared for this supercar. This time they have achieved a higher level because of their new SV kit. It continues where the Stage 1 package ends, building upon an already sound base. DMC has tuned the Lamborghini in terms of appearance, efficiency and technology. In addition, important information here

kahn lamborghini aventador finally revealed

Kahn Lamborghini Aventador Finally Revealed

In the beginning of this year we were introduced to an ongoing project which has finally come to its end. We are speaking here about Kahn Design’s work on the challenging Lamborghini Aventador. The iconic car was transformed literally into on-road fashion statement. The designers have given their magical touch to this Lamborghini putting forward its stunning Rosso red beauty. They have decided to strip the entire vehicle – with the objective of showcasing optimum interior and exterior equilib

cars for stars lamborghini aventador limousine [video]

Cars For Stars Lamborghini Aventador Limousine [video]

Cars for Stars has announce a Limousine version of the hyper-car Lamborghini Aventador. The ground-breaking conceptual design is being released in the form of a highly-impressive, rendered, state-of-the-art video which shows every aspect of this stunning design in all its glory and from every angle. The Aventador Limo has the same engine - V12 6.5-liter engine producing 700 HP (515 kW) and 690 Nm (509 lb-ft) but unlike the original car, it will not be able to do the 0-100 km/h in 2.9 seco