A new world record set by the monstrous AMS Nissan GT-R at ¼ mile.

The street legal car with more than 1600HP managed to stop the clock at 8.63 seconds, when crossed the finish line at the 402 meter mark with a terminal speed of 172.15 mph (276.98 km/h). It is just insane to see a "normal" car with normal tyres do that. The parachute is much needed, because the brakes simply won't manage too well, especially, if the AMS GT-R makes several starts.

What is more, AMS claim that this is not the end and the tuned Nissan will set even better time. As you can see in the end of the start, the rear bumper or parts of it flew away from the car, but this wasn't the only problem.

Just before the finish line an intercooler pipe popped off, so the car didn't run all the way on full boost (35 psi) and AMS promises that the next time, there will be more boost. We just can't wait to see another record. Until then, enjoy the video below.

AMS Nissan GT-R

Source: hightechcorvette via Youtube