AMS Performance did it again! The tuning company proved that they are the best in tuning probably the most successful drag race car in the world – Nissan GT-R.

Their Alpha Omega Nissan GT-R managed to run ¼ mile in 7.984 seconds with a terminal speed of 299 km/h (186 mph). So the tuning company is home of the first 9, 8 and 7 second R35 GT-R.

The record came two days after Omega reclaimed the ET and trap speed records (8.25 seconds with 185 mph)  and was accomplished on the first and only pass Omega made that day.  The team came back at the track, because they were sure that the mighty Omega GT-R can beat that time and it did.

There are a lot drag racing cars in 7 seconds, but the spectacular here is that the OMEGA is a full street legal car with power of around 1700 and 1800WHP.

The speedometer is not able to keep up with the rate of acceleration, that's why the digital one gets only to 178 mph.

Source: AMSTuned