2019 Chevrolet Colorado ZR2 BisonOverland Journal has named new Chevrolet Colorado ZR2 Bison its first Overland Truck of the Year. According to editions, Bison is praised as one of the most exceptional overland trucks ever sold in North America.

For the competition, Overland Journal team has evaluated six midsize pickups, including Colorado ZR2 Bison, Ford Ranger, Jeep Gladiator, Toyota Tacoma, Nissan Frontier, and Honda Ridgeline. Editors drove the vehicles for thousands of miles in both road and off-road conditions and evaluated every single one in a range of criteria such as payload, durability, capability, efficiency, and reliability.

Introduced as a 2019 model, the new Colorado ZR2 Bison was designed with Chevy team and American Expedition Vehicles. The equipment includes five skid plates to help protect the engine oil pan, fuel tank, transfer case and front, and rear locking differentials. Designed by AEV, these skid plates are created of hard and durable boron steel.

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There are also large fender flares and ZR2 Bison-specific 17x8-inch aluminum wheels, front and rear locking electronic differentials, revolutionary Multimatic DSSV™ dampers, cast-iron control arms for exceptional strength and factory modified rear axle with a Factory-modified rear axle with a 3.42 ratio, front and rear tracks widened by 3.5 inches and a factory suspension lifted 2 inches over a Colorado Z71.

Source: Chevrolet