2021 GM DefenceThe US Department of State has awarded the GM Defence LLC, a subsidiary of General Motors, a contract to develop and validate the next generation of Large Support Utility Commercial Vehicles for future fleet production in support of the Department's Diplomatic Security Service. Also, as a part of the total development contract, GM Defence will create a dedicated Heavy-Duty Suburban model and will build about 10 of these in the next two years.

Leveraging GM's commercial vehicle architecture that is especially created for full size pickups and large SUVs, GM Defence will use mainly commercial-off-the-shelf parts, including drivetrain parts for its ambitious project. Furthermore, the HD Suburban will come with a new and unique body-on-frame chassis and suspension, specially designed for supporting government vehicles and programs.

Furthermore, GM will use its vast technical knowledge and experience in order to deliver a completely new kind of chassis and frame, as well as some advanced and next-gen technologies.

We're excited to be developing a fully-integrated, purpose-built HD Suburban in partnership with the U.S. Department of State, said Steve duMont, president of GM Defense, The Chevrolet Suburban has been an iconic name in commercial transportation since 1935. Our development contract win speaks to our long-standing legacy of exceeding transportation capabilities and our new, HD Suburban will deliver government-specific advanced mobility solutions to meet the needs of DSS.

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GM Defence will deliver the vehicles in two phases, the first one will begin next spring, while the second one is scheduled for 2023.

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