2020 Kona ElectricKona Electric has been recognized as the Best Small Family Car in the TopGear Electric Awards after it completed a daunting 1,600km road trip across 9 European countries. Hyundai Motor's fully electric SUV was not only praised for its efficiency and long-distance endurance, but also for its smooth and effortless performance and overall road behavior.

The 24-hour-long drive took place in December 2019, with BBC TopGear magazine's Editor-in-Chief Charlie Turner using the European rapid charger network in order to supply the Kona Electric with 316kWh of electricity, choosing to charge 80 percent in order to maximize the driving time. In total 9 countries were visited with the trip starting in the Czech Republic and the journey passed through Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Lichtenstein, France, Luxembourg, Belgium, and Holland.

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It seems as the team has put some effort and desire in order to deliver us a reliable vehicle, which not only features an advanced electric drivetrain system but also lures customers with its advanced driver-focused technologies, next-gen active and passive safety features and user-friendly infotainment systems.

Source: Hyundai