The next Japanese company with a big Shanghai reveal is Infiniti. It has premiered a bespoke edition of the Q70L luxury car. You may ask what is so special about this car. Well, the answer: its one-off interior that has been inspired by those of the Q80 Inspiration and Q60 Concept. The cabin is welcoming because it features warm atmosphere. To achieve this, the designers have done several things.

First, the bespoke version of the car features four individual seats upholstered in abundant white quilted leather. The redesigned rear actually frees around 150 mm for increased legroom. This also means entirely revamped seats and more spacious cabin. In addition, the four seats feature cushioned quilting, soft Ultrasuede and high-texture saddle leather.

Quilted leather has been also used for the door trim and 'cut and sew' headliner. Furthermore, hand-stitching has been the method preferred for the leather-wrapped steering wheel, glove compartment, door inserts and armrests.

Besides the interior, the Q70L Bespoke Edition has also some special exterior accents. The first one is the Arctic Aluminum paint scheme, which we have seen on the Q60 Concept. At the front Infiniti designers have added new LED headlights, double arch grille and front bumper with integrated fog lights.

At the back there are also integrated LEDs, new design for the trunk lid, slimmer rear bumper and a chrome rear finisher. And if you happen to be at Auto Shanghai, don't miss the Infiniti Q80 Inspiration and e Q60 Concept, which are also on display.

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Source: Infiniti