2020 Land Rover DefenderLand Rover North America announced that the latest generation of Land Rover Defender vehicles will be available for sale in 2020. Testing and comprehensive experiments have already begun and what Land Rover team promises is that the latest family members will feature tons of new features, improved old ones and numerous personalization options. Sounds good, right?

What we know so far is that engineers will subject the vehicle to rigorous test extremes in order to deliver a Defender that is both off-road capable and comfortable for conventional trips and runs. Beloved for the sexy design and reputation, Defender vehicles are still one of brand's most popular machines. With its instantly recognizable design and overall expressive and muscular stance, Defender has served to numerous people from different generations – farmers, military and police, celebrities and even royalties.

2020 Land Rover Defender

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However, 2020 will meet a new Defender design all along with suite of latest assistance and connectivity features. Next-gen Defender is expected to be a revolutionary product for brand and enthusiasts due to the ever-evolving passion of engineers and designers to bring us the most advanced and sophisticated vehicles around.

2020 Land Rover Defender

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